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BMW X5 License Plate Bracket

Common Signs Pointing to a Problematic BMW X5 License Plate Bracket

Your crossover's license plate is an important identification component. The presence of a license plate on any passenger vehicle is required by the law. The license plate bracket is a thin metal or plastic sheet that attaches the plate to the car's bumper. If this bracket is in its worst condition, your license plate might fall your car, risking you of getting pulled over and a ticket. With that in mind, you should always make sure that the license plate bracket is in good condition. Following are signs telling you that it is already in bad state:


The license plate bracket is an exterior component of your automobile. It is attached onto the front and rear bumpers of the vehicle. These locations make it exposed to water and moisture. Combined with the metal material of the bracket, these elements result in rusting. The usual victims of rust in the bracket are the screws. When they get rusted, they become more difficult to remove. The rust also grows worse and affects the bracket. When this happens, the bracket weakens to the point where it can no longer support your license plate.


Since the BMW X5 license plate bracket is responsible for holding the identification plate, its secure position affects the placement of the plate. If the screws are not installed correctly, the bracket and your license plate may become loose. This issue can be very noticeable because a rattling noise would be heard from the bumper of your crossover. This sound is produced when the loose bracket or plate hits the car body. Once this issue gets worse, you may unknowingly lose your license plate while driving on the road.


The BMW X5 license plate bracket's location makes it exposed to erratic climate changes. These drastic changes in the weather coupled with the constant vibrations and stresses from the vehicle body affect the quality of the metal material the bracket is made of. Constant exposure to these elements can result in cracks on the bracket surface. Over time, these cracks grow and travel along the bracket. When you notice a crack on the license plate bracket, you need to immediately replace the part.

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  • Proper Care for Your BMW X5 License Plate Bracket

    Your license plate bracket may not affect your crossover's performance. However, problems with this part may have you pulled over by a traffic enforcer. This plastic or metal sheet functions as a backing that connects your license plate to the bumpers of your vehicle. And since your license plate is a legal requirement for you to drive the road, you need to take good care of your bracket. Following are some helpful tips you need to follow:

    Be careful in bringing your vehicle to automatic car washes.

    Brushes in automatic car washes are notorious for grabbing the license plate bracket and bend it backwards especially if it is made of a thin material. If you are fond of bringing your luxury automobile to automatic car washes, be conscious of the brushes. It is always better to have your vehicle hand-washed. Otherwise, you can have a license plate frame to protect your license plate and bracket.

    Do not wash your vehicle for at least 72 hours after your new bracket is installed.

    Most brackets involve the use of adhesive tapes in joining the different layers of the part. The tapes need time to cure in order to securely join the layers together. With this, it is recommended to avoid washing your vehicle while the adhesive material is still in the curing process. It is also recommended to have the vehicle protected from rain during this time.

    Use aluminum screws in securing your BMW X5 license plate bracket.

    Your license plate is located outside your crossover, exposing it to water and moisture which are chief agents of rusting. The most common locations of rust are the screws and the holes they go into. A good way of preventing rust is the use of aluminum screws because aluminum is known for being rust-resistant. Rust is a serious issue for your license plate and bracket as it gets larger and worse over time.

    Drive safely.

    Your BMW X5 license plate bracket is located at the rear and front bumpers of your vehicle. These locations make the part prone to damage from the slightest collision and bump. Your license plate bracket may be the first thing to break in these cases. This is because the part is made of thin materials.