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BMW X5 Windshield Wiper Arm

Spotting problems in the BMW X5 Windshield Wiper Arms

The windshield wiper arms are frequently used car components that is also subjected to the harsh environment outside. Occasionally, these parts fail over a period of time. But there is no need to worry because it can easily be removed and replaced. Furthermore, it's always good to be armed with knowledge so you can prepare the next steps beforehand in connection with a windshield wiper arm failure. Below are things you need to watch out for.

Wobbly wiper arms

If your windshield wiper arms hobble and bobble whenever you use it, chances are there's something wrong with their base. The wiper arms might accidentally get thrown away with their motion. Don't rush into replacing them altogether. What you have to do is to look for a small nut by the end of the wiper arm. Just tighten it or fit a new nut on. This will eliminate wobbling and possible damage.

Morphed wiper arms

If the windshield wiper doesn't clean the windshield all the way like it used to, there may be some morphing going on with the arms. A number of reasons can cause this. Nevertheless, don't attempt to straighten the arms up because they won't be the way they used to. Instead, replace them with direct fit wiper arms.

Only one arm works

Your BMW X5 has two windshield wipers that should operate simultaneously. If one of them fails to do so, you have to check the linkage. A motor under the hood operates the windshield wiper arm. Have a look at it and see if the connection is still together. If not, you have to buy new linkages.

Both of your wipers don't work

This is probably the most troublesome occurrence that can happen. However, knowing the source of this problem is easy. It comes down to two things: the fuse and the motor. One or both of them might be broken so inspect them carefully and do the necessary adjustments. The fuse might be busted or loose so go ahead and locate the wiper arm fuse. The owner's manual can help you pinpoint its location. If changes are already made and it still doesn't work, find the motor and replace it.

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  • Keeping a close eye on your BMW X5 Windshield wiper arms

    The windshield wiper arms are the ones that move the wiper blades to and fro so you will have an unobstructed view of the road and the surroundings. It's not too much of a technological marvel but without it, you and your passengers safety will be on the line. Although the wiper arms don't incur much damage compare to the wiper blades, it won't sit well with you if you find that they are rendered inoperable. Therefore, keeping a close eye on your windshield wiper arms once in a while can be a decisive difference. Read on to get familiarized with the ways you could maintain a good windshield wiper arm.

    • Check the spring tension of the wiper arm
    • The wiper arm relies on a spring to always keep contact with the windshield. Any loosening with the tension impairs your wipers ability to hug and wipe off the windshield dramatically. This should be the first thing you ought to check with the wipers; especially on days when you need to use them most of the time.
    • Check if the claws or clips are broken
    • The claws or clips are the parts of the wiper arm where the wiper blade clings onto. A breakage in either one of these hinders the windshield wiper to perform to its fullest. Assess the damage and replace as needed.
    • Inspect the shafts, screws, and the nuts where the wiper arms are held
    • Inspecting the shafts, screws and the nuts ensures that the wiper arm is properly attached to the body and is in no danger of unintentional separation. A wrench and a screwdriver can easily tighten loose nuts and screws. In freezing weather, make sure the wiper arms are free from ice for they can wear down the arm parts faster, resulting in failure with prolonged use.
    • Check the fuse
    • Without the fuse, power from the car battery won't be able to reach the motors that operate the wiper arms. Check the fuse if it is still intact and examine the socket. You may need to dust it off to improve contact.
    • Examine wiper arm for any cracks
    • The wiper arms are mostly made with durable materials. However they can still break, especially when the arm has already sustained damage. Wiper arms can be damaged by small debris being lodged in its hinges. Just clean them right off.
    • Apply a dab of WD-40 on the hinges
    • Eventually, the wiper arm get worn out and it will experience corrosion within its parts. Applying a few drops of WD-40 can help protect it from further corrosion and smoothen the motion of the wipers.