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Buick A/C Condenser

Buick A/C Condenser Driving in a hot summer day is never complete if you don't have the air conditioning system of your car on. Even opening up the windows sometimes doesn't help. Hot air will still be the one coming in and the wind may just bring dirt inside the car or mess up your hair. If you're A/C condenser is busted, then you have a long hot, sticky day of driving ahead of you. Buick vehicles have an excellent air conditioning system that provides a cool temperature making every drive a pleasant experience. Helping out perform its superior performance is the Buick A/C condenser.

What does the Buick A/C condenser do? The Buick A/C condenser emits the heat of the refrigerant, which usually is a Freon gas. The refrigerant agent is passed to the hot air by the AC compressor, cools it then turns it into liquid form. The engine fan would usually aid in the cooling of the refrigerant, although an additional condenser fan would still be needed for front-wheel drive cars. The liquid refrigerant would still be warm but not as hot as the gas in the compressor. An expansion valve would further transform the liquid refrigerant into cold, gaseous form so that it could once again absorb the warm air inside your Buick's cabin.

If your Buick A/C condenser is busted, the A/C system of your vehicle will not perform its job well. This will result to warm or hot air blowing through the vents of your A/C system. Usually, the Buick A/C condenser can be found installed in the front of the engine area. They can be found near the radiator. Both the A/C condenser and the radiator do the same task of cooling off the vehicle, only in different areas of the Buick vehicle though. Have your Buick A/C condenser looked at from time to time so that you will not have the unfortunate event of having it conk out on you on the hottest day of the year.

  • Closer Look at Buick A/C Condenser

    As sunlight enters through the closed windows of your Buick, the heat produced by the rays cannot escape, allowing the vehicle to feel like an oven on a hot summer day. Fortunately, the air conditioning system installed within the vehicle can bring the temperature down very quickly, as long as proper maintenance is performed on all of the parts of the system, including the Buick AC condenser. In order for this part to remove heat from the coolant effectively, none of the cooling fins should be blocked or filled with road debris. By removing any foreign materials from the surface of the Buick AC condenser, and cleaning between the fins with what is known as a fin comb, you can ensure good cooling performance. Care must be taken anytime you are working on or around the Buick AC condenser, because the cooling fins are very delicate pieces of metal that can easily be bent out of shape. When they are bent, they will reduce cooling performance, and possibly cause a pinhole leak to form. This is a common reason for replacing the Buick AC condenser, as well as leaks cause by rust. Fortunately, when the Buick AC condenser needs to be replaced, we have the proper model for your vehicle available within the pages of our huge online catalog, at a large discount compared to the similar part from the dealership. Our high-quality Buick AC condenser is designed to be a direct replacement for the original, and it comes protected by a full warranty from the manufacturer. For all of your Buick part and accessory needs, in addition to the Buick AC condenser, you can visit our online catalog today, where you'll always find great prices and convenient ordering.