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Buick Antenna

Are you hearing several garbled stations when you switch on the radio? You may need a new Buick antenna. If your reception is fading away, giving you static and noise instead of the clear reception you are accustomed to, the Buick antenna or its wires are likely to be the source of your problem. Your radio cannot receive the signals it needs without the help it gets from your Buick antenna. The signal your radio needs is broadcast into the air by your favorite radio station, where it is then picked up from the air and transmitted by your Buick antenna to your radio. If there is a poor connection between the Buick antenna and the radio, the signal will be garbled or littered with static and may fade in and out. The Buick antenna takes a lot of abuse. It is exposed to the elements, wind, rain and snow. Just the wind generated by the motion of the vehicle can be harsh, especially at highway speeds. The Buick antenna can be broken or bent on a trip through the carwash, or snapped off by a wayward child. Corrosion can claim the Buick antenna eating away at its surface until it loosens and falls off. If your Buick antenna has seen better days, whatever the reason, we have a selection of quality replacement parts at great low prices in our user-friendly online catalog. Our expert customer service people will be happy to help if you have questions about the Buick antenna parts you need if you dial our toll-free phone number. Ordering your Buick antenna replacement will be quick and efficient on our secure site.