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Buick Brake Disc

The brake pads used to stop your Buick generate a large amount of heat from friction, and if the heat is not dissipated, it could cause damage to the components of the braking system. The Buick brake disc cools the brakes down by transferring this heat away from the brake pads and other heat-sensitive components. This action helps to preserve the brake pads, and ensures that the brakes have the full ability to stop the vehicle as they start to heat up. The basic technique used to increase the efficiency of the Buick brake disc it to increase its surface area. Between the front and rear surfaces of the Buick brake disc, the center is nearly hollow, with large channels running from the edge to the center off the disc. This allows air to rush into the back of the heated surface as the disc spins, where the air absorbs heat and eventually leaves the structure. On some versions of the Buick brake disc, cross-drilling and other treatments are used to increase the surface area of the unit. As your vehicle gets older, corrosion may slowly eat pits into the surface of the disc and dirt and rust will clog the cooling channels. This will decrease the overall braking efficiency and the clogged channels may allow enough heat to be generated that the Buick brake disc will actually become warped. When it becomes necessary to replace the Buick brake disc, you will find a similar replacement to the stock unit in our large online catalog, at a very good price. The Buick brake disc can be ordered easily with a quick, toll-free phone call to one of our friendly associates, or through our convenient web site.