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Buick Brake Pad Set

There are a large number of components in the braking system of your Buick, and they work together to ensure that your vehicle stops efficiently and safely. The final step in the braking process depends on the quality and condition of the Buick brake pads to produce the friction necessary to stop the vehicle. In order to provide the friction, the Buick brake pads are made with unique composites of high-friction materials that vary by performance and price. The standard units are mostly rubber, often with asbestos included in the mixture, and they are similar to the stock parts. These Buick brake pads produce a large amount of brake dust as they are used and they will wear at the normal rate. There are upgraded versions available for many vehicles, however, which use different composites to increase durability and performance. When ceramics are used in the Buick brake pads, they will suffer less damage from friction and heat, while producing less brake dust and stopping the vehicle faster. For the ultimate in braking performance, the semi-metallic mixtures are arguably some of the best available. These performance Buick brake pads will allow you to pull the tire off less often and contribute to safer driving. In our online catalog, you will find many varieties of the Buick brake pads available, all at great prices. Our Buick brake pads are made to the highest quality standards, they are very easy to install, and they have a full warranty from the manufacturer. To order the Buick brake pads, simply go to our website and use our secure online ordering system, or complete the process by phone, toll-free, at any time of the day or night.