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Buick Century Ac Heater Control

Reasons for Your Buick Century Ac Heater Control Malfunction

Driving on a very cold weather can be very uncomfortable. But thanks to the Buick Century AC heater control, you can regulate the temperature inside your car without a fuss. Requiring simple operation, this device allows you the luxury of feeling warm during a wintry weather. It can moderate the heat inside your cab, so you won't find it hard to move your body and operate your automobile. The AC heater control is actually a very simple mechanism, but it is still prone to malfunction and other types of damage. The following are some of the common issues you might encounter with it and their causes:

Clicking noise

You may not hear this sound all the time, as it can only be perceived when the heating or cooling system is activated. However, it is a clear indication of a problem in a specific component of your AC heater control. Since you would most likely hear this clicking noise coming from behind your dashboard, you must look into that area and take the heater control unit out for inspection. You need to take the dashboard panel apart to be able to access the heater control. Check for any deformation or if any component is not properly positioned. You also need to look more closely for a stuck motor, which is the most probable cause of the clicking. In the event that you find one, immediately replace it.

Damaged hoses or cables

You may find the AC heater control unable to alter the temperature inside your car. However, this defect may not actually be due to a malfunctioning heater control. At times, the problem roots from some other component in your air conditioning system. To be certain, examine the vacuum hoses or cables that connect the AC heater control to the heater vents. Determine if these links are hot enough. But to ensure your safety, you can simply place your hand above a hose and feel for heat. Do not attempt to touch it directly. If the hose does not feel hot, the coolant may not be flowing properly due to a broken heater core.

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  • How to Keep Your Buick Century Ac Heater Control Properly Working

    Imagine yourself inside the cab of your Buick Century, stuck in heavy traffic and feeling the stinging, icy coldness of the winter season. But let's not stop at that-let's make the scenario even more excruciating with a broken AC heater control, which prevents you from adjusting the temperature inside your car. All you could do is bear with the cold. You curse yourself because you could have avoided such uncomfortable situation if only you kept your Buick Century AC heater control well maintained. Here are tips on how you can ensure it is properly functioning all the time:

    Regularly check the knobs and buttons.

    Always make sure that the knobs and buttons in your AC heater control are working. Test these components by observing if the temperature changes according to the settings you have selected. If there is inconsistency with your selection and the actual temperature, your AC heater control may be defective due to a motor resistor failure. However, the problem may sometimes be as simple as a stuck button or knob, which you would have to repair or replace as soon as you can.

    Inspect other components connected to it.

    You need to remove the dashboard panel in order to inspect the interior components attached to your AC heater control. Check the cables or hoses connected to it for any sign of physical damage. Make sure that they are properly connecting the heater control unit to the heater vents. Also, check if they are working by feeling for heat. Don't put your hand directly on the surface of the cables or hoses, though. Simply placing it above them will do. If these links do not seem to be emitting heat, it means that the coolant is not properly flowing and the heater core may be damaged. Immediately replace any broken component, which could be preventing your AC heater control from functioning well.

    Listen closely for unusual sound.

    You would know pretty much that something is wrong with your AC heater control once you start hearing noise coming from behind it. The sound is usually perceived as clicking and could be an indication of a motor failure. Replace this part as necessary.