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Buick Century Trunk Strut

Commonly Encountered Problems with a Buick Century Trunk Strut

While opening and closing your trunk, don't you hate it when it suddenly closes down on you and it accidentally hits your hand? This won't happen to you with the use of a trunk strut. Trunk struts are a mix of a steel housing tube and a piston or rod. These use gas and compression to keep your trunk from immediately closing down on you. A non-working trunk strut, however, will have the tendency to become a danger to you and to others. Here are the warning signs that your trunk strut is due for replacement.


Trunk struts are made of a steel housing and a piston or rod. These struts keep your trunk open using a principle of compression. Compressed gas keeps the steel housing from sliding down the piston when open. It is also responsible for aiding the strut while closing to make the trunk close slowly. A sign of a bad strut is one that fails to slow down the closing of your trunk. Usually, this happens in cars which have old struts that have weathered down to the point of becoming de-compressed.

Cold weather

The seasonal or constant cold weather is a bad condition to use trunk struts in. While they still do their jobs, they do not perform as well in the cold weather as they do when they are in warm or humid weather. When using trunk struts in places which are cold or have cold winters, be very careful in keeping them open and closing them. A suddenly closing trunk can be the source of big, fantastic accidents waiting to happen.

Check for bad struts

No one notices a bad trunk strut until someone actually gets into an accident involving it. You might have been a victim of the trunk slamming down on you because of a bad strut, or not. Learn to spot the bad signs of wear and tear involving your trunk strut. If it seems to close quicker than usual, it may be a bad trunk strut. If your weather is not cold and it still fails to work for you, then it may be a sign of a bad trunk strut. Replace your trunk struts if ever these signs begin to pop up.

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  • Tips on Maintaining a Buick Century Trunk Strut

    Your trunk strut is one part of your car that is rarely relied upon, yet is important all the same. While the function of these trunk struts seem simple enough at best, they are still crucial in keeping you from possible injuries. Trunk struts use compression to work, although they have the tendency to weaken through time and from improper use. Learn how to keep them in top condition by looking at these tips:

    Take care in opening and closing your trunk

    A trunk strut is made of a piston or rod, and is inside of a steel housing tube. It uses compressed gases to keep itself up or to support itself when closing. Over time, improper use and the slamming and closing of rear trunk doors contribute to the wearing down of a trunk strut. To keep your trunk strut working properly, make sure that you don't often slam down your trunk door. Also, learn to exercise care and caution when using your trunk struts.

    Avoid holes and leaks

    There might be cargo in the trunk which may hit your trunk struts on the way in or out. If this happens, your strut may develop a crack or a hole through which compressed gases may escape. This could leave your strut weakened and fail to support itself when opening or closing. Remember to protect your trunk strut every time you load something in to keep it working like new.

    Act on the first sign of failure

    Trunk struts are used heavily to support the weight of the trunk when you are opening it. It keeps the trunk held open, and an effective trunk strut won't let the trunk lid dip on your head when you are looking for something inside. To keep it working like this, act on the first sign of problems as soon as it presents itself.

    Replace defective trunk struts

    If your trunk struts have grown old and are already giving up on you, it might be best to have them replaced. There are times when your trunk struts fail to perform even at your best efforts to preserve it. The aftermarket parts for trunk struts are many and the choice will stay with you. Choose a trunk strut that will work for you even better than your original trunk strut.