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Buick Century Window Regulator

Common Culprits behind a Faulty Buick Century Window Regulator

Unlike old car models that require more effort in moving the windows up and down, your Buick Century is equipped with power windows that make it easier to control the window glass. With the window regulators, you can move the auto's windows by simply pressing on the switch mounted on the seats. Keeping these window regulators fully functional also helps secure your auto from being forcibly opened because the worm gears inside the assembly lock by themselves. So, if you think the stock parts are already defective, then better perform some troubleshooting. Listed below are some common problems encountered with a faulty Buick Century window regulator and the reasons behind them.

Crackling noise when opening or closing the windows

An easy way to diagnose if there are defects on your cars window regulators is by listening to an unusual crackling noise when opening or closing the windows. So to troubleshoot, begin by parking the car in a quiet area. Once done, press on the seat's window switch and listen for an odd window noise. Sometimes, you might hear a grinding or rattling noise as well. If you hear any strange noise when opening or closing the windows, then there is a high possibility that you have a window regulator problem. In fact, the presence of this crackling noise is usually the first sign of a defective window regulator. If the part is left unaddressed, you may soon find more serious window problems.

Jammed windows

The unusual noise from a faulty window regulator usually comes with jammed windows. There will be times when the windows will get stuck, and other times, you may find them working again. Another way to troubleshoot is by checking if the windows actually move or not when pressing on the switch. A tell-tale sign of a damaged window regulator is if the windows do not move even if you hear the motor noise.

Window is at the bottom of the door

If worse comes to worse, a faulty window regulator will result to the windows falling at the bottom of the door. When this happens, your only option is to replace the stock part.

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  • Effortless Ways to Keep a Buick Century Window Regulator in Good Shape

    The window regulator on your Buick Century receives power from the window motor and translates it to the up-and-down motion to move the car windows. Over time, the part will exhibit signs of wear and tear and may lead to unusual window noise and even window jamming. If you want to keep these regulator problems at bay, then you had better know how to perform maintenance. So, here are a few ways to keep a Buick Century window regulator in good shape:

    Regularly check window regulator's condition.

    The window regulators on your Buick Century are not as tough as other car parts, so expect them to deteriorate at a faster rate. This is specially the case if you constantly play around with the windows. So to prevent early wear and tear, it is advised that you regularly perform inspection. Automotive experts say that the Buick Century's window regulators last only an average of six years. So, if the window parts on your car are already nearing its sixth year, then you had better prepare for a window regulator replacement.

    Lubricate the window regulators.

    To lubricate the window regulators, begin by detaching the screws on the arm rest and door panels. Once the window assembly is removed, clean the window regulator parts with a small brush and carburetor cleaner. Wipe these parts with a rag to remove the dried grease. After this, you may now spray some white grease on the window regulator pivot points. Some joints are hard to reach, so you may have to dab some grease on your fingers to apply lubricant to the area.

    Remove dirt and grime in regulator brackets.

    Over time, the window regulator brackets can get riddled with dirt and grime. Simply wipe off these particles off of the brackets so that you will have a smoother window motion. Be careful though because you can get injured with the bracket's scissor movement.

    Other maintenance tips

    As a safety measure, avoid wearing a wristwatch or any kind of jewelry when servicing the windows. You see, you can get electrocuted if you are not careful in performing maintenance, especially with power windows. Aside from this, also wear gloves for additional protection.