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Buick Coil Springs

The suspension system in your Buick is an important asset in both comfort and safety. Central to this system is the Buick coil springs, which are responsible for absorbing the shock of going over a bump and slowing the movement of the suspension afterwards. They help to ensure that the wheels are on the ground at all times, giving you, the driver, complete control over the vehicle. Without the Buick coil springs and the suspension, the wheels would have very little pressure on the road at certain times and they would be prone to sliding. The Buick coil springs are constructed from heavy-duty spring steel, and they are located between the frame of the vehicle and the lower control arm assembly. After many years of driving your vehicle, the Buick coil springs may start to lose their flexibility and resistance to compression. This can be visually seen when the affected end of the vehicle seems to be lower to the ground than it was originally. When it is time to have the Buick coil springs replaced, you will find the correct versions for most vehicles in our vast online catalog, and they are priced very well. Our Buick coil springs meet all of the specifications of the original parts, and they have a full warranty from the manufacturer. For some vehicles, we may have custom versions available, as well, which will help to stiffen the suspension or adjust to a custom ride height. In addition it the Buick coil springs, we carry many other parts and accessories for your vehicle, all at great prices. To order the Buick coil springs, simply visit our web site to use our secure online ordering system, or make a quick phone call, toll-free, to our sales department.