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Buick Control Arm

If the wheels of your Buick were fixed to the frame, the ride would be very uncomfortable and the vehicle would be hard to control, but, fortunately, your vehicle has a full suspension system. The component that allows the wheel to move vertically is called the Buick control arm. This part is connected to the wheel and the frame of the vehicle, through joints that allow free rotation. There is an upper and lower Buick control arm at each tire, and with the two units, the wheel can stay in the proper position at all times. The position of the tires is controlled with a spring and either a strut or shock, and they are connected to the lower control arm. As a bump is hit, the Buick control arm and tire move up, and the pressure of the spring, shock, and strut pushes the tire back down. Over a period of many years, the rotating joints in the Buick control arm will suffer from the negative effects of corrosion and friction, and this may be felt as vibration or heard as a grinding noise from within the vehicle. For safety reasons, the affected Buick control arm should be replaced immediately, and you will find the correct version for most vehicles in our large online catalog. Our version is made to the same specifications as the original and it will be a direct-fit replacement. Our Buick control arm is made to high quality standards and has a full warranty from the manufacturer. The Buick control arm for your vehicle can be easily ordered online, through our secure web site, or by phone with our toll-free ordering system.