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Buick Cooling Fan HUB

Do you want to give your Buick a redefined look? Then do so! With more and more auto parts dealers going online, you'll surely have an easy time finding whatever needs to be installed in your car that can make it look more aggressive, more elegant, sportier, or whatever you want it to look like. And as for your choice of styling accessoriesyou'll only be limited by your imagination. You can use custom bumpers, spoilers, fender flares and skirts, altezza lights and lenses and a lot of others. If you've got more than enough cash, you may even hire an expert to customize your car.

But if you're looking for an affordable and easy way to make your Buick look more distinctive, then installing Buick hubcaps is the way to go. While they are not prices as expensive as other auto accessories, hubcaps can surely give your car the look you want it to have. Hubcaps are also easy to install, with most units only a snap away from making your car look really luxurious.

For those who don't know yet what hubcaps are, hubcaps are the coverings that fit over the center of a wheel, covering all the lug nuts that attach the wheel to its axle. Hubcaps are also often called wheel covers, although technically, this should not be so. A wheel cover is used to cover the entire wheel while a hubcap would only cover the center of the wheel, or the hub.

Hubcaps are primarily used as styling accessories. However, hubcaps also serve another function, and that is to protect the lug nuts, bearings and the brakes from dust and water. And for some ingenious people, hubcaps would also function as a container for lug nuts when changing tires and as a shovel when the car is stuck in the snow.

For new Buick vehicles, hubcaps may find no much use as they are often equipped with factory designed wheel covers. And even without the wheel covers, Buick wheels by themselves are already elegant to look at, usually made of aluminum or chrome-plated aluminum with various spoke designs. However, custom Buick hubcaps provide you with an opportunity to give your Buick a personal touch.