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Buick Driveshaft

Once the power leaves the engine of your Buick, it goes through the transmission, and eventually ends up at the wheels. The essential link between the transmission and the wheels is the Buick driveshaft. In order for it to perform its job successively, this part must be able to adapt to where the wheels are located, as the suspension reacts to bumps in the road. In order to accomplish this task, the Buick driveshaft uses a set of specialized joints. The first is a slip joint, usually located on the transmission side, and it allows the Buick driveshaft to extend and retract as needed, in relation to the wheels. It is usually lubricated by the fluid that lubricates the transmission. Also located on the Buick driveshaft, is a pair of joints, which are either constant velocity joints or universal joints. These allow the Buick driveshaft to bend as need, in order to maintain the correct angles to the transmission and the input to the wheels. In the rear Buick driveshaft, the universal joint is normally used. In the front, the constant velocity joint is used. Over time, all of these joints will suffer from the effects of friction and corrosion. When the Buick driveshaft is nearing failure, the driver may feel strange vibrations or hear unusual noises, such as grinding or thumping. When it becomes necessary to replace the unit, you will find the correct version for most vehicles in our online catalog, at a great price. The Buick driveshaft for the front or the back can be easily ordered from our secure web site, or by phone, toll-free, at any hour of the day or night.