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Buick EGR Valve

Many years ago, it was discovered that the average vehicle produces a large amount of pollution, and today your Buick has a complex system that is charged with monitoring and reducing the amount of harmful emissions that it produces. One of the first and most important parts in this system is the Buick EGR valve. When the fuel is burned in the combustion chamber, the process is very inefficient, and some of the fuel is allowed to exit into the exhaust. After the engine is up to operating temperature, the Buick EGR valve opens, and reroutes some of the exhaust gasses back into the combustion chamber to be further burned. If the fuel were to be released into the air without going through the Buick EGR valve and the catalytic converter, it would cause serious problems for the environment. To ensure that the system is working correctly, an oxygen sensor is used to make sure the emissions arte at the proper level. If the Buick EGR valve fails, you may see a warning light illuminated on the dashboard. Once the error codes are pulled, you will be able to diagnose the problem. If the Buick EGR valve has failed, you will find the correct replacement for most vehicles in our online catalog, for a much lower price than what the dealership would charge for a similar part. Our version is made to meet the exact specifications of the original unit and it comes with a full warranty from the manufacturer. To order your new Buick EGR valve, visit our web site to use our secure online ordering system, or make a phone call to our sales department, toll-free.