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Buick Fuel Injector

Buick fuel injectors are vital to the efficient function of your vehicle, smoothly delivering the fuel necessary for its operation. Buick fuel injectors are mounted on the intake manifold of the engine, positioned there in order to spray a measured amount of fuel directly to the intake valves of the engine. The engine requires a precise balance of fuel and air to produce the clean burn of fuel that is necessary for the most efficient process of engine combustion. Efficient engine combustion is the key to maximizing the performance and efficiency of the engine, as well as its output of power. The amount of fuel delivered by the Buick fuel injectors is carefully calculated to provide that delicate balance, adjusted by the vehicle computer continuously to ensure the most efficient engine performance possible. Buick fuel injectors are precise and reliable, performing their function dependably for many miles in a well-maintained vehicle, but need a very clean supply of fuel to function efficiently, making good maintenance of fuel delivery components essential. Keeping the fuel filter clean with regular replacement is necessary to prevent the Buick fuel injectors from becoming clogged with particles of dirt or debris, throwing off the delicate balance of the fuel and air mixture. An imbalance in this mixture can produce performance problems in the vehicle, reducing its power and fuel efficiency. Our online catalog carries a quality selection of replacement Buick fuel injectors at very reasonable prices. Our site is secure and efficient, making it fast and safe to order your Buick fuel injectors or if you prefer to order by phone, our toll-free phone line can take your order just as conveniently.