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Buick Grille Assembly

Three shields arranged diagonally inside a ringthis emblem has, for years, symbolized a group of prestigious cars that came in the name of Buick. For years, this emblem has been the symbol of prestige and luxury, beaten only in luxuriousness by another General Motors vehicle brand, the Cadillac. Buick continues to use the emblem for their vehicles today, and what better place there is in their vehicles where they can place that symbol of prestige than in the equally elegant Buick grille.

The grille refers to the opening in front of a vehicle that we often see covered with a grating or cross work of bars. The main function of the grille is to allow air inside the vehicle's engine compartment, aiding in the function of both the radiator, for cooling the vehicle's engine, and the A/C condenser, for cooling its hot refrigerant. Aside from this function, however, the grille also protects the radiator, intercooler (on turbo equipped vehicles), and other vital engine components from road debris and bugs.

Buick grilles, just like the grilles of other vehicles, will just do what is expected of themallow air to cool the radiator and condenser, and protect the various components inside the engine compartment from damages. But aside from these, Buick grilles were also designed to radiate elegancemaking them worthy components on which the symbolical Buick emblem would be attached. Buick grilles were crafted with elegance, complementing the elegance that is also being showcased by other parts in the vehicle's fascia.

But aside from the original Buick grilles, custom and aftermarket grilles can also give a distinctive look for your Buick. Custom grilles can give another dimension to the looks of your Buickthat of being sporty, stylish and aggressive. Custom billet and body color grilles can greatly set your Buick apart not only from other cars but also from other Buick vehicles as well.

  • Closer Look at Buick Grille Assembly

    The Buick grille is located at the very tip of the vehicle front-end, designed to protect against the intrusion of debris into the engine compartment. The engine requires a plentiful supply of oxygen to produce engine combustion, which is provided by the open area at the front of the engine compartment that allows a supply of cool air to flow in. The airflow is very important for engine cooling as well. The engine cooling system uses a flow of cool air, directed in through the radiator of the vehicle to dissipate the heat produced by the operation of the engine, helping to prevent overheating. The Buick grille protects against rocks and debris that could damage the radiator and delicate engine parts if allowed to fly into the engine compartment, blocking them before they can affect these parts. The Buick grille takes a lot of abuse as it performs its function, taking the impact of these items as it protects the opening into the engine compartment, causing a gradual accumulation of damage with every mile the vehicle travels. The Buick grille is vulnerable to moisture and road salt that is splashed up from the road also, the first to receive the punishment of the elements as your vehicle moves along the roads. The daily wear and tear can take its toll on the Buick grille, causing it to become loosened or damaged over time, requiring replacement to ensure the safety of the vital vehicle components it is designed to protect. We carry a selection of quality Buick grille replacements in our online catalog at great low prices. Our site is secure, making it safe and easy to order your Buick grille replacement or if you prefer to order by phone, our toll-free phone line is available for your convenience.