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Buick Hood

Prestige just shows in the body panel of a Buick vehicle. Its fenders, doors, side panels, quarter panels, lid, top, and other body panel partsall were designed to give off an elegant and uniformed look. The Buick hood is nothing really different from all these parts. It is made from the same sheet metal, painted with the same paint color, and styled in such a way that it will conform with the style of the other body panel parts, creating a look of prestige, elegance and luxuriousness.

The hood is the hinged sheet metal that covers the engine compartment of a vehicle. It protects the various parts inside the engine compartmentincluding the engine, engine parts, and various other electrical and mechanical partfrom rain, precipitation, and various other road debris that may cause significant damages to these parts. Most people consider the hood as another door for a vehicle; for like the door that provides access to the passenger cabin of the vehicle, the hood also provides access to the various auto parts inside the engine compartment.

A typical vehicle hood is made up of two parts: an outer panel made from the same sheet metal used for the manufacture of the other parts of the vehicle's body panel, and an inner panel made of crisscrossing braces that serves as the framework of the hood. The hood is also often covered with a sound-absorbing material on its underside to minimize the noise created by the vehicle's engine.

Designed to be tough and rigid for optimum protection for the various parts under it, Buick hood were also designed to be elegant and stylish, complementing the elegance that can also be found on the other body panel parts of every Buick vehicle. But such is only true if your Buick's hood stays in good shape. If damaged, it not only creates an ugly look for your car, but may even be dangerous for the various parts concealed beneath it. If your Buick's hood is already damaged, you better replace it with new ones, which are easily available from various custom and aftermarket parts dealers.