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Buick Rendezvous Bumper Covers

Getting Your Buick Rendezvous Bumper Covers Back in Shape

Usually made of plastic and painted with colors that match your vehicle, Buick Rendezvous bumper covers primarily serve as decorative coverings for bumpers. Most people would probably think that these fixtures absorb most of the impact, but in fact they only provide a minimal amount of protection for the bumpers. And despite being made from sturdy materials, bumper covers can still be easily damaged. Here are some of the problems that car owners usually encounter with their bumper covers and what you can do to restore their form:


Dents are very common in bumper covers. This type of damage usually results from collision, and its repair is not a very complicated procedure. You can fix this deformity by making use of a heat gun and therefore eliminating the need for a replacement. Simply warm the dented area with the heat gun. Just remember not to overheat the area of the bumper cover you are trying to repair. Too much heat could only damage the paint, and you don't want an additional task to take on, do you? While warming the damaged part, make sure that you push out the dent from the backside of the bumper cover.


There are times when your bumper cover is damaged to the point of being gouged or torn already. It can still be fixed, though. There are patch kits available for this kind of damage, or you can opt for plastic welding. You can apply body filler into these cracks as well, and then let it dry for about an hour. Don't forget to sand the edges of the torn area before patching it up. Sand it again after the filler has dried to smoothen the surface of the bumper cover.


Get rid of scratches on your bumper cover by repainting it. Sand its surface and clean the dust away before applying the automotive body filler. Dust particles tend to create bumps in the paint, which will prevent your bumper cover from having a smooth finish. Also, you must coat the bumper cover's surface with primer before spraying it with a thin layer of color coat.

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  • How to Make Your Buick Rendezvous Bumper Covers Looking Shiny and New

    Because of their location in your vehicle, your bumper covers are the first to suffer during an impact. May it be just a minor collision or a tough crash, it is almost always inevitable for these covers to get damaged. Sometimes, you may not notice the damage at once. Other times, a huge dent or a deep scratch would suddenly appear on their surface. Now, nobody wants shabby-looking bumper covers. It defeats their purpose, which is to enhance the look of the front end of your vehicle. So to keep your Buick Rendezvous bumper covers looking new as always, follow these tips:

    Inspect the bumper covers for damage.

    It's pretty easy to spot deformities in your bumper covers. However, you might want to look closely for scratches and small cracks even in less noticeable areas as well. Check the alignment of the bumper covers, too. Make sure that they perfectly fit your car and no gaps can be found. Immediately repair whatever damage you find.

    Clean and sand the surface.

    Make sure that you clean off dirt and grime on your bumper covers. A grease cleaner and scuff pad are the most recommended cleaning tools. You would know that the bumper covers are clean enough when water starts running off the bumper. However, you need to clean it again if the water beads when it is rinsed. Sand the entire surface of the bumper covers but be careful not to ruin the contours.

    Pop out the dents.

    Small dents can easily be popped out with a rubber mallet. However, you would have to heat up the back of the dented area before doing so. If the dent is already too deep, filling it up with automotive body filler is recommended. Make sure to smooth it out with a squeegee and allow it to dry for about an hour.

    Get rid of scratches.

    If the scratch is just superficial, you can simply buff it out with a buffing compound. Then, put on a clear coat if a white line appears around the scratch. However, if the scratch is deep, apply a thin layer of paint using a touch-up pen or a fine brush. Just make sure that the color of paint you are going to use matches the color of your vehicle.