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Cadillac Deville Blower Motor

Top 3 Reasons why a Cadillac Deville Blower Motor Stops Working

Each ride on your Cadillac Deville should be a fun and a comfortable experience. But when the blower motor is broken, that can't happen. You won't be able to turn on your a/c or heater when this component suddenly gets damaged. You'll suffer from too much heat or cold. If you're wondering what causes the blower motor to fail, you have to get ready to do some troubleshooting. You have to find these culprits immediately to determine what kind of repair procedure you must do.

Blower motor stops working

When the blower motor suddenly stops switching on, the first thing that you must check is the fuse. A blown out fuse impedes the operation of the blower motor and the fan. To confirm the condition of the fuse, you have to take a look at it. Simply open the glove compartment box of your Deville and you'll see the fuse box. If the ceramic end of the fuse looks burnt and black, you need to replace it. Also, you have to inspect the condition of the wires. If you see that the wires are corroded, you also have to replace them. You need to examine the wire connections too if they are loose or not. If the wires are not properly attached into the harness, the blower motor might not work.

Engine is working fine, but the blower motor is not

You have already confirmed that the fuses and wires are working properly. However, the Cadillac Deville blower motor is still not functioning. In this case, you need to see the blower motor itself and check if it's clogged or dirty. Taking the motor out from the Deville is necessary, to inspect its condition further. Prepare your cleaning materials to remove clogs and other debris. After that, test the blower motor if it's going to work. Reinstall it once you confirmed that it's working efficiently again.

No power/voltage

A voltage test is necessary to determine if the blower motor has power on it or if the other components in the motor are grounded. No voltage is an indication that the part is busted. Ground means short circuit in the system. To verify the real cause behind motor failure, you need an ohmmeter. Simply attach its copper terminals on these key parts: fan, resister block, and resister. Observe the voltage readings. Replace any component that shows no voltage at all.

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  • How to Keep the Cadillac Deville Blower Motor in Good-Working Condition

    The blower motor in your Cadillac Deville is composed of several integrated parts such as the fan blade and bearings. When any of these components fail, the entire motor will become useless. To make sure that even the tiniest element of the blower motor is in excellent condition, you need to have a regular maintenance routine. Keeping the blower motor in its topnotch shape is very easy if you perform the following care tips:

    • Keep the blower motor clean.
    • Sand, pollen, and dust from the air may clog the blower motor, especially if you don't remove them regularly. Dirt build up impedes the operation of the blower motor. To prevent this from happening, you are highly encouraged to clean the Cadillac Deville blower motor every year. Take out clogs safely with an air compressor and rag.
    • Remove dirt from the wires and wire connectors.
    • The wires and wire connectors are also prone to dust that can lead to corrosion. Rusty cables have poor conducting ability, hence affecting the flow of electricity within the blower assembly. Keep the wires clean by wiping off dirt with a clean rag. Coating the wires with a contact lubricant also helps in slowing down the formation of rust. Also, it increases the electrical conductivity of the cables and the connectors.
    • Lubricate the motor bearings.
    • Spraying a liberal amount of bearing oil on the blower motor bearings reduces the amount of friction that makes them roll slower. Lubricants also slow down the formation of rust, hence prolonging the efficiency of the Cadillac Deville blower motor. When applying lubricants, be reminded that bearing oil is different from other types of oil. Its chemical composition makes it heavier and thicker compared to other automotive oils.
    • Inspect the other relevant parts.
    • Don't forget to check the condition of the other components of the vehicle's blower assembly. The blower fan, fan blades, capacitor, and the resister affect the entire operation of the blower motor. When any of these parts is damaged, you have to replace it right away to ensure the proper functioning of the blower motor.