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Chevrolet C1500 Suburban A/c Heater Control

Nothing beats the blow of warm air from your car's air conditioning unit during a cold, breezy morning. But what if your Chevrolet C1500 Suburban a/c heater control starts getting defective and only releases cold air even during winter days? Sounds like a huge dilemma, right? This is a common concern among car owners, so we have decided to come up with some tips on how you can spot the problems on your Suburban's a/c heater control.

Insufficient coolant

Sometimes, people think of the worst when something seems to wrong with their cars. A lot of car owners immediately assume that the heater control needs replacement when in fact, the only reason why the air conditioning unit is blowing cold air all the time is because there is insufficient coolant on the reservoir. Vehicles are supposed to maintain a certain amount of coolant, which gets diverted to the heater, in order to release warm air. But if there is not enough antifreeze on the car, your vehicle surely won't be able to produce warm air for you.

Blown fuse and wirings

If you have made sure that there is enough coolant on the reservoir but the Chevrolet C1500 Suburban a/c heater control still seems busted, the problem may be caused by a blown or burned out fuse. Find the fuse box on your Suburban and look for the particular fuse for your heater control. Check of there are signs of burn on the fuse. If you see them, then you can safely say that this is the culprit behind your heater control issues.

Defective heater core

The heater core is very vital in the release of warm air in the Suburban. The antifreeze substance travels from the ducts to the heater core by passing through the hoses, which are connected to the firewall on the system. However, if the heater core is busted, it will be impossible for the car air conditioning unit to produce warm air for the passengers. Inspect the heater core of your Suburban by touching the hoses and checking if they are hot enough. If not, it means that heat is not diverted to the core and that the air conditioning unit won't be able to disperse warm air.

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  • Know your Chevrolet C1500 Suburban A/C Heater Control

    The Chevrolet C1500 Suburban A/C heater control plays an important role in giving consumers a convenient and comfortable ride. This is possible because the heater control is responsible in maintaining the right temperature on the air being blown by the air conditioning unit. And without it, it would be nearly impossible for the internal combustion engine to disperse warm air through the blower, most especially during cold days. However, in making sure that the heater control is functioning well at all times, t is imperative for the truck owners to know the proper ways of preserving its quality. This way, the life of the heater control is prolonged and it continues to do its job properly. Read on to know about some of the most effective ways in keeping your heater control in the best condition.

    • Always check the condition of the radiator.
    • The heater control works with the help of the radiator, and this is why it is very important for people to make sure that the radiator is working properly. Without the radiator, there will be nothing to disperse the heat coming from the engine. The radiator is functioning well when it is able to release heat on the vehicle without making the engine overheat. Make sure that is kept in the right temperature-not too cold and not too hot.
    • Make sure that there is enough coolant on the reservoir at all times.
    • The engine coolant also plays a role in dispersing warm air through the air conditioning unit and in keeping the radiator well-functioning. See to it that there is enough antifreeze substance in the coolant reservoir of your Chevrolet C1500 Suburban. Simply locate the coolant tank and determine if it carries a sufficient amount of antifreeze.
    • Be careful when cleaning or replacing other parts on the system.
    • Aside from the radiator and the coolant tank, the Suburban's heater control also works with other components like the firewall, hoses, and the heater control valve. So when you take the time to clean or replace any of them, make sure that you handle each one carefully. Any movement could affect the condition of the heater control and it could be the reason for the control's defects if you are not careful enough. Also, take extra caution when pulling on wires and plugs because they could be very sensitive.