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Chevrolet Cavalier Headlight Assembly

Identifying Problems in a Chevrolet Cavalier Headlight Assembly

Like with most other compact cars, you loved your Chevrolet Cavalier for its size and fuel efficiency. Built to last a long time, your car gives you more opportunity to enjoy driving. However, some of its parts require more attention than others do-case in point is the Chevrolet Cavalier headlight assembly. The assembly is not resistant to wear and tear; sometimes, it requires replacement much sooner than expected. Driving with faulty headlight assembly is not only a safety risk but is also a felony. Know the early signs of a bad headlight assembly, before the part becomes irreparable.

Only one of the headlights work

If you switch on your headlights and only one is able to function properly, it is likely that you have a burnt-out bulb inside the assembly. This problem is rather easy to spot, as the burnt-out bulb would have dark spots on it. In such a case, all you need to do is replace the bad bulb with a new one. Headlight bulbs are inexpensive to replace and are available in all auto parts store.

Lights flicker on and off

Several factors could trigger the flickering of headlight bulbs. For one, it could be due to loose-fitting bulbs inside the assembly. If the problem is because of loose bulbs, all you need to do is screw the bulbs tightly into their sockets. Another reason for the sputtering is electrical system problem. You need to check the wiring of the headlight assembly for loose connections and poor power flow. Corrosion on the wires could interrupt the flow of electricity from the battery to the lights.

Dimming headlights

Driving with dimmed headlights is hazardous to you and to oncoming motorists. Headlights usually become dim when there is an tug-of-war between the lights and the other electrical systems in your vehicle. Turn off other car systems like the power windows and radio-if the headlights' brightness is restored, that means there is insufficient power directed to the lights. If the headlights remain diffused, check your car's alternator and battery for power. You can use a voltmeter to test if there is adequate power coming from your car's battery.

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  • How to Prolong the Life of a Chevrolet Cavalier Headlight Assembly

    Driving with bad headlights is like walking on tightrope with your eyes closed. You do not only put yourself at risk, but also the other people on the road. Replacing faulty headlights can be hard on the pocket, but you don't need to wait until both your headlights have gone out before you do any action. Follow the maintenance tips below to prolong the life of your Chevrolet Cavalier headlight assembly.

    Clean cloudy headlights.

    Surface dirt on your headlight assembly can render the lights inefficient. Buildup of dirt and grime decreases the brightness of your headlights. To restore the intensity of the lamps, you can rinse the headlights using mild soap, warm water, and a clean rag. If the accumulated dirt is difficult to remove, soak a 600-grit sandpaper in soapy water and use it to gently sand off the buildup from the headlight lenses. Gentle, up-and-down motions for buffing the lenses are best. To protect the headlights from accumulating dirt in the future, you can apply a coat of wax on the lenses.

    Make sure that the headlight wiring is tightly connected.

    Loose electrical connections can make your headlights flicker. When that happens, you get insufficient lighting on the road, not to mention annoying oncoming motorists with your sputtering illumination. To make the most of your automotive lighting, tighten any loose connections within the headlight assembly. That should make your headlights shine steadily on the road.

    Replace burnt-out bulbs and corroded wires immediately.

    A burnt-out headlight bulb may not be as bad as having faulty wiring, but it still creates a huge inconvenience for drivers. You won't be able to see your way clearly, so you're likely to drive over bumps and dips on the road. Replace the used-up bulb right away in order to get full illumination. Make sure to screw the bulb snugly into its socket to prevent the headlights from dimming or flickering. If you find any corroded wires in the assembly, you need to replace them with new ones to avoid electrical connection problems in your vehicle. If the whole length of the wires is not affected by oxidation, you can cut off the bad part and splice the wires.