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Chevrolet Cavalier Headlights

Common Problems of Chevrolet Cavalier Headlights

You simply can't drive your Chevrolet Cavalier at night without functional headlights. They're vital to your road safety, as you know, that's why Chevrolet Cavalier headlights are built tough. But despite that, problems may plague your headlights from time to time. Detailed below are the potential issues that you may encounter with your Chevrolet Cavalier headlights:

Weak Illumination

If your Chevrolet Cavalier headlights produce illumination that's weaker than usual, there's a very good chance that the headlights themselves aren't to blame. The problem may instead lie in your Cavalier's electrical system. The system may not be capable of handling multiple electrically powered features at the same time, thus not enough power is being supplied to your headlights. This isn't normal, of course-it basically means that you either have a faulty car battery or alternator. Your headlight will continue to produce weak illumination until either of those has been replaced.


When one of your Chevrolet Cavalier headlights flickers, check out its bulb. The bulb may be loose due to incorrect installation or something, hence the flickering. With that said, make sure that the bulb is properly affixed to the assembly. The flickering should be gone once the bulb has been securely attached.

If the issue persists, then the problem may lie in the wiring. Just like in the case of the bulb, the wiring may have loosened over time. This naturally hinders the flow of power towards the bulb. Fixing this should be very easy though. What can't be repaired is damaged wiring. You'd have to get a replacement if the wiring is significantly damaged.


This issue shouldn't be taken lightly since fogging can severely affect the illumination of your Chevrolet Cavalier headlights. Why did one of your headlights fog up anyway, you ask? The fogging occurred because there's an unsealed portion within the headlight assembly, thus allowing moisture to seep in. Of course, the fog can be wiped off the lens without problem. Just make sure that the assembly is properly sealed afterwards. If any cracks are present, you may have to replace the lens or the entire assembly to prevent fogging in the future.

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  • Maintenance Tips: Chevrolet Cavalier Headlights

    When the sun is down and you're driving underneath the shadowy sky, your Chevrolet Cavalier headlights can be your only companions. They serve as your guide, helping you be safe at every turn. For that reason, it's very important to put a bit of time and effort in their maintenance. Below are some of the things you can do to take care of your Chevrolet Cavalier headlights:

    Securely seal the headlight assemblies at all times.

    Any unsealed portions within your Chevrolet Cavalier headlights can be a source of problems. With that said, it's vital that your headlight assemblies are sealed at all times. Doing so should prevent moisture and tiny debris from entering the assemblies. You wouldn't want the said elements to be inside your assemblies as they can cause fogging and discoloration in the lenses, both of which can affect the quality of illumination that your headlights produce.

    Clean fogged headlight lenses.

    As previously mentioned, fogging can significantly impair headlight illumination. Fortunately, this condition can be mended without much hassle. In fact, cleaning kits for fogged Chevrolet Cavalier headlights litter auto parts stores everywhere. They're quite inexpensive, too. Just make sure that the assemblies are properly sealed after cleaning the lenses so that fogging won't happen again.

    Keep an eye out for signs of damage and wearing out.

    Headlight lenses don't usually last that long. That isn't surprising though since they're positioned in a wide-open location (the front fascia of your Cavalier), after all. Lenses are highly susceptible to damage and wearing out because they are constantly exposed to water, debris, and other harmful elements. With that in mind, it's ideal to always check the condition of your Chevrolet Cavalier headlights. By doing that, you'll be able to avert numerous headlight problems and ensure a more reliable performance.

    Regularly inspect the wires.

    The wires of your Chevrolet Cavalier headlights can become loose or damaged sooner or later. Either of those conditions will impede the flow of electricity from the power source towards the headlights, which of course can lead to flickering issues. With that said, it's best to inspect the condition of the wires regularly. Reattach any loose wires and replace those that are damaged.

    Cleaning the wires every now and then is also a good idea since doing so can help in preventing damage.