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Chevrolet Cavalier Shifter

Common Problems of a Chevrolet Cavalier Shifter

When your Chevrolet Cavalier shifter is not working well, it would surely be very difficult for you to get the best performance out of your car. This is because the shifter plays an essential role in the transmission system of the vehicle. Without a well-functioning shifter, it would be very difficult for you to move your car towards any direction. This is why it is very important that you know when your shifter and the entire transmission system of your car start acting up. Here are some of the common problems of a Cavalier's shifter:

Shifting difficulty

Since the shifter's work involves a lot of "shifting" movements, many people also complain about having difficulties in shifting from one gear to another. And most of the time, this takes a toll on the car's ability to move, make turns, accelerate, and decelerate. This is because the shifter practically affects every kind of movement that the car makes. If you find it hard to change gears while driving, or if it seems like the shifter is not biting on the gear you placed it on, then your shifter might really be in need of inspection. You can easily identify this problem while driving because it would feel like your shifter is jammed up, too tight, or too lose.

Busted linkages and cables

The shifter functions through the linkages and connection of cables among the transmission, the dashboard, steering column, and even the floor of your car. When even one of these cables are busted or worn out, your Cavalier's shifter becomes greatly affected. The problems may be caused by various reasons such as too much friction on the system, extreme exposure to heat that could have burned the wires, as well as too much and too hard shifting. Once you notice that your shifter is not responding properly, there is a possibility that there are underlying problems on the part. It may not be visible for you, but problems on the shifter are usually beyond the naked eye. Just make sure that once you notice something wrong on the shifter, you'll have it checked right away.

Chevrolet Cavalier Shifter Available Years

  • Keeping Your Chevrolet Cavalier Shifter in Tiptop Shape

    Knowing how big of a role the shifter plays in the overall function of the Chevrolet Cavalier, it is just proper to come up with the best ways to keep it in perfect shape. The shifter is supposed to last for a very long time. In fact, there are relatively few instances when the shifter gets busted and totally stop functioning. But still, it is very possible for it to get worn out and heavily damaged. And when this happens, it will greatly affect your car. So to prevent shifter problems from occuring, here are some tips in maintaining your Chevrolet Cavalier shifter:

    Follow a regular cleaning schedule.

    To keep your car's shifter in good working condition, it is necessary to have a regular cleaning schedule that you can follow. You can have it once or twice every month, lasting for about 10 to 15 minutes each time. This is a great way to remove dirt and other particles that could affect the performance of the shifter, and your car as well. The cleaning procedure does not require special kind of tools. Besides, you would only need to clean the knob with a cloth most of the time.

    Make time to inspect the shifter and the transmission system.

    If you have spare time after cleaning the shifter, you can also dedicate a few minutes to a quick shifter inspection. This will help you spot problems and significant changes on the appearance of the shifter, and know if it needs repair right away. This will not take long, perhaps only about five to ten minutes in total. You simply have to take a look at the shifter inside the car, and the linkages underneath it. Aside from being able to determine if your shifter has problems or not, you also become more familiar with the part and the other components of the transmission system.

    Be gentle when changing gears while driving.

    While driving the vehicle, it is also important to be very gentle whenever you shift gears. This is also another way to effectively maintain your shifter without spending anything at all. Most of the time, people tend to get too emotional or intense that they handle the shifter roughly. This usually happens when you are talking to somebody in the car or you are greatly affected by the traffic outside. Be mindful of how you handle your shifter because no matter how tight you grab it and how you push and pull on it, the shifter will still yield the same function; nothing more, nothing less.