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Chevrolet Cobalt Emblem

Irksome Issues about the Chevrolet Cobalt Emblem

In the military, a badge is always well maintained and shown with pride because it signifies the hard work and dedication that has been invested to earn it. The same concept is parallel with your Chevrolet Cobalt's emblem. It doesn't just help the car be identified among others; it bears the history and workmanship that the maker went through over the years. It is also an indication of your success in acquiring a pierce of craftsmanship. Therefore, the emblem in the car must always be held in high regard. However, there are times that the emblem will lose its luster. Don't be alarmed for these are simple problems that can be easily remedied. Here are the frequent problems encountered with the emblem.

Irritating fine lines

There are times that the emblem will show fine lines that are recognized as small cracks and scratches. These aren't visible unless given a closer look. However, these will bring the biggest headaches and are quite annoying. Unlike body paint which could be easily remedied with off the shelf products, emblems are built with much intricacy. If a crack gets big enough, the emblem might need to be replaced. It is seldom a target of stray materials that may come flying wayward. Nevertheless, cracks can still occur because of a natural phenomenon called UV degradation. The UV rays work with the surrounding oxygen in the atmosphere to react and corrode the emblem starting from the surface.


Stains on the emblem aren't too much of a big deal unless you are a big car buff that's obsessed with details. Stains are mainly leftovers of dirt and grime that worked their way into the surface. Hard water, animal droppings, bugs, and asphalt are just some of many things that can stick to the emblem and make it look unpleasant. Just a simple scrub and clean along the affected areas could melt away these stains for good. Nevertheless, don't forget to clean the grille as soon as possible because the dirt and grime may work their way deeper into the surface. They will be harder to clean once this happens. If the emblem is metal, rust will easily creep its way into it.


A material that's almost always exposed under sunlight will almost always experience discoloration. It's quite a normal thing to happen. This is because of the same harmful UV rays that burn our skin. In this case, it slowly cooks the pigments of the emblem, causing it to lose its shine and color.

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  • How to Make Your Chevrolet Cobalt Emblem Stand Out 27 February 2013

    The infamous Chevrolet bow tie has been a symbol of American technological triumph all over the world. This has been essentially the same emblem used on every Chevrolet vehicle since 1914. The same thing can be found on your Chevrolet Cobalt. Although it's main purpose is not that important in terms of the main car mechanics, it appeals to the emotional or sentimental side of the car owner or onlooker. Each emblem is distinct but all of them can be kept in the best condition by doing some sort of maintenance. These are some of the best practices.

    Clean the emblem.

    The most basic and perhaps the best maintenance practice of all starts with cleaning. Cleaning the emblem prevents any harmful substances to work their way inside the emblem. Emblems can't really be repaired. Thus any substantial damage will almost always result to replacement. These harmful substances may contain acids that can corrode and discolor the emblem, making it look old and dirty. Your run-of-the-mill car cleaner or detergent will do the job. But you can always take extra measures and use special car cleaners for a better finish. Upon cleaning the emblem, make sure you aren't using any abrasive material. You might risk damaging the emblem more rather than protecting it.

    Wax the emblem.

    Car waxing is an underrated maintenance practice that most car owners almost never do. Wax is a special material that shields a surface from any potential damage due to chemical reaction, like UV degradation. It also makes dirt come off easier since it has less adhesion. Be generous in applying wax and thorough in buffing it. The same way goes with the tool you will use in buffing as with cleaning the emblem. Go for lint-free cloths.

    Restore the emblem.

    If at some point, the emblem has already sustained enough damage to make it look ugly, it can always be restored. You can always start off by removing the emblem. Be careful because you might chip off some paint in the process. Clean the emblems then have it repainted by your local restoration shop if you can't do it yourself. Afterwards, polish the chrome using rubbing agents so that your emblem will come out looking new again.