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Chevrolet Monte Carlo Door Handle

Answers to Usual Chevrolet Monte Carlo Door Handle Problems

You are picking up your date for a special dinner. You park your Monte Carlo in front of her house and watch as she slowly makes her way out. You step out, greet her, lead her to the passenger side, and grab the door handle; but no matter how many times or how rough you pull the handle, the door won't open. So for the next ten seconds, you find yourself scratching your head in embarrassment as you enter the car through the driver side to open the passenger door. This happens a lot, door handles often ruin the slick image we, guys, attempt to portray; and we say we had enough. We listed the answers behind the usual problems with your Chevrolet Monte Carlo door handle.

Door only opens from the inside

So let's go straight to the date-destroyer; the most usual problem with door handles is that it only opens from the inside. The primary cause for this is the clips inside the handle assembly. After being so opened ever so frequently, the clips are bound to get loose. In worse cases, the clips could be damaged or have a chip somewhere. A simple refitting will solve the problem for the first case, while a replacement is better for a damaged or chipped clip.

Snapped handles

Most door handles sold in the market are made of plastic, making it easy for you to break them. Car owners often find themselves with this problem because of two things: they pull the handle suddenly or too roughly, and they let the handle snap back to position after opening the door. The case of a snapped handle is not entirely an issue of brand or material-though these things still play a part-but more on the issue of proper handling the handles (pardon the pun).


Another problematic part with door handles is their fit to the door. The obvious answer to this would be: get one compatible for your car! However, most car owners troubleshoot this problem by adjusting the pole piece in the middle of the door handle. The handle won't fit in the door if that pole is a bit too big so shaving it a bit is a commonly done activity.

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  • Some Ways to Keep Your Chevrolet Monte Carlo Door Handle in Place

    When we ask you to name car parts with which you need to take care of, you would likely mention: radiator, engine, AC, or windshield. Never would the door handle be included in the first five things you would mention-how ungrateful and snobbish can you be, considering that the door handle is the first part you held? So as you sulk at the corner thinking about your bad attitude, we give you some tips on how you can take care of your Chevrolet Monte Carlo door handle. Properly maintaining it is the least you can do to make it up.

    Pull it gently

    Before going any further, we would like to clarify that opening your car's door is not a test of strength or an opportunity to show off your hand muscles. The handle does not need to be pulled in a complete 90-degree angle nor does it need a tough grasp to hold it. Last time we checked, car doors can open with a 45- to 50-degree pull of the handle and a grasp just enough to hold it.

    Stop hitting the door handle and the door

    We get that hitting the door handle's frame sometimes gets it opened when you are experiencing problems with the lock. We also get that hitting the door handle every time it won't open somehow relieves tension. However, you may know that hitting it can only worsen the problem. Since lock problems or stuck doors are caused loose clips inside the handle, hitting it can only loosen it more. Chipped assembly parts can also cause the problem so if you hit it, you are only risking a bigger damage.

    Coat it with chrome

    A chrome coating gives the handle a better finish and durability. The market offers a lot of kits for this job and most service centers as well as car dealers offer this service. On a side note, we recommend that you settle with coating the handles rather than taking it out and putting on a chrome part. Why? The latter option risks loosening the panel for the handle and taking it off takes effort and time.