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Daewoo Lanos Air Filter

Troubleshooting and Diagnostic Tips for Ford Freestyle Air Filter Troubles

Imagine fine, abrasive particles entering your Ford Freestyle engine--all those sand, dust, and dirt penetrating your car's powerhouse! Bad news: you're looking at a picture of a nasty engine trouble. But the good thing is your Ford Freestyle air filter has got you covered. Paper, foam, or cotton-whatever material your Ford Freestyle air filter is made of, it is there to stop foreign particles from causing mechanical damage to your precious crossover SUV. That's why if you want to keep your engine working perfectly for long, you also have to keep your Ford Freestyle air filter free from any damage. Below are some of the most common air filter-related problems and some ways to diagnose them:

Fouled spark plugs

When your Ford Freestyle air filter fails, it's not just a poorly performing air cleaner you would have to worry about-you would also have to deal with other failing components, like your spark plugs. You see, once your Ford Freestyle air filter becomes defective, the emission systems of your car also fail at some point. This can result in an excessively rich air-fuel mixture that can later give you fouled spark plugs. And if fouled plugs do not worry you enough, think about the consequential troubles of rough idles and problematic starts. Luckily, you can easily detect fouled spark plugs before they worsen. Failing plugs are usually preceded by rough engine noises, so once you hear unusual sounds from your engine, you had better check your spark plugs and your Ford Freestyle air filter right away.

Black exhaust smoke

Because a bad Ford Freestyle air filter results in low oxygen volumes in the engine, your car's combustion will tend to use more fuel than air. The result, as expected, is a very rich mixture that exits your SUV as a soot-like residue.

Poor gas mileage

The optimum performance of your Ford Freestyle air filter is definitely crucial in your car's fuel consumption. With an excellently performing air cleaner, you can have sufficient amount of clean air circulating in your engine. And this can improve your gas mileage by as much as 14%! In which case, a poor air cleaner gives you an opposite effect. Less oxygen in your combustion mixture means that more fuel is needed. And now you are looking at the predicament of poor gas mileage. For the most effective quick fix, replace your Ford Freestyle air filter. Fortunately, standard replacements can be purchased at very cheap rates at most auto parts stores, so you can easily replace right away.

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  • Ford Freestyle Air Filter Friendly Tips

    Soot-like exhaust smoke, rough engine noises, low gas mileage, and awful gasoline smell-you won't have to deal with all these if only you have a good Ford Freestyle air filter. If you want to maintain the good condition of this part, here are some tips to keep in mind:

    Check for signs of trouble.

    A dirty Ford Freestyle air filter is commonly signaled by fairly observable signs. These include black exhaust smoke and rough engine noises. Once you note of these symptoms, consider replacing your Ford Freestyle air filter right away. With only $3 at hand, you can already buy a good replacement for your dirty air cleaner.

    Replace every year or 12,000 miles.

    If care tip number one already seems troublesome for you, then make sure you remember well the number 12: Don't forget to replace your Ford Freestyle air filter every after 12th month of use or 12,000 miles of travel-whichever comes first. Car experts note that if you really want to ensure the peak performance of your Ford Freestyle air filter, you shouldn't miss this maintenance step. More so, this tip should be strictly followed by travelers who often drive their Freestyle over dusty or generally dirty landscapes. If, however, you are a driver of the opposite kind (i.e., those who use their Ford Freestyle in clean environments), you can delay the periodic replacement to up to 15,000 miles of travel.

    Perform regular inspection.

    Nothing beats prevention, so include your Ford Freestyle air filter among the car parts you regularly inspect. It can be easily located at the driver's side of the engine, and you can find it enclosed in a rectangular housing. A bad Ford Freestyle air filter can be easily detected by visual inspection-just make sure you look at your air cleaner in broad daylight. A significant discoloration should already tell you of a need for replacement, but some fine particles, such as pollens, can also clog your air cleaner without causing observable discoloration. To be safe, it is still best to follow the suggested replacement intervals in the preceding tip. Anyway, a replacement job should be easy since Ford Freestyle air filters are conveniently purchasable at car parts stores for $3 to $470.