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Headers by DC Sports

A good set of headers can work wonders for your engine. Improving your vehicle's performance overall often depends on three factors: adjusting your spark timing, getting more air into your cylinders, and getting more exhaust out. Headers are designed to get more exhaust out by replacing your stock exhaust manifold. Instead of forcing all of your cylinders to expel exhaust through the same pipe, headers split the load to free up power. For your V6 engine, consider DC Sports 3-Into-1 V6 headers.

Quality runs through and through this equipment. 3-Into-1 V6 headers feature precision bent mandrels and machine-ground flanges to ensure a leak-free seal for the flange mating surface. Every single set of DC Sports 3-Into-1 V6 headers is put through a rigorous testing procedure to ensure the best quality, for perfect performance and a perfect fit.

The design of 3-Into-1 V6 headers gives you a broad power range increase, with boosts of up to 15 horsepower or greater for most engines. Your exhaust has a shorter path to travel, and fewer cylinders fighting to expel exhaust through the same pipe means decreased backpressure for a smoother running engine, which frees up more power that can be sent to your wheels instead.

In addition to performance, DC Sports 3-Into-1 V6 headers look great under your hood. They are available in brushed or polished 304-stainless steel, as well as mild steel with ceramic coating that is temperature and corrosion resistant. Your 3-Into-1 V6 headers will last a long time without wear and tear, and will continue to put out great performance from your engine.

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DC Sports Headers Articles

  • DC Sports Series: 4 dash 2 dash 1 One dash Piece

    DC Sports Headers

    A good set of headers can really ramp up your engine's performance. Why settle for less than stellar headers that are hard to install, harder to tune, and may not get results, when you can pick up a set of DC Sports 4-2-1 One-Piece headers and get great quality, a guaranteed fit, and superior performance, compared to other headers on the market? In fact, 4-2-1 One-Piece headers are dyno tested against the competition in order to continue delivering excellence for your power needs.

    It goes without saying that DC Sports 4-2-1 One-Piece headers are going to let your engine put out more horsepower. You will realize great low- to mid-range power gains with this system. In addition, the middle flanges are eliminated to reduce system weight, making them much lighter than stock systems, and your ground clearance is improved as well. These ultra-light headers pack a powerful punch for your engine.

    4-2-1 One-Piece headers are made with precision and manufactured to exacting specifications. The machine-ground flange mating surface ensures a tight, leak-free seal, and the mandrel bent tubing features robotically welded fittings. In addition, the primary piping is of equal length, to ensure optimal system tuning for even more power.

    DC Sports 4-2-1 One-Piece headers are great-looking pieces of equipment. You can get them in 304-stainless steel finished, either brushed or polished, or choose the mild-steel system with a hand painted ceramic coating that provides resistance to corrosion and high temperatures. 4-2-1 One-Piece headers come with all the necessary installation hardware and decals for a perfect, glitch-free installation every time.

  • DC Sports Series: 4 dash 2 dash 1 Two Piece

    DC Sports Headers

    Many auto enthusiasts opt to install performance parts like headers in order to increase horsepower, torque, and fuel efficiency. What exactly do headers do for your engine? Your vehicle is equipped with a stock exhaust manifold that routes the exhaust waste from all of your cylinders into a single pipe, creating backpressure that detracts from your available power. Headers like DC Sports 4-2-1 Two Piece headers give your cylinders their own individual mini exhaust pipes, so that more power is made available for your wheels.

    4-2-1 Two Piece headers have been rated the best in horsepower, torque, and average power. These components undergo individual, rigorous testing and are dyno tested against the competition to ensure superior performance. Engineered with quality in mind, DC Sports 4-2-1 Two Piece headers deliver what you have come to expect from a leader in automotive performance parts.

    One of the problems with many performance headers on the market today is fitting and installation. Part of the process involved with the manufacture of 4-2-1 Two Piece headers is the machine grinding of the flange mating surface, which ensures a strong, leak-free seal with your engine. In addition, DC Sports 4-2-1 Two Piece headers are, as the name suggests, made with a two-piece design that makes installation easier than most header systems.

    Fifty-state legal or pending legality 4-2-1 Two Piece headers give your engine a real kick in horsepower and torque. They are available in mild steel with corrosion and temperature resistant ceramic hand-painted coating, or 304-stainless steel with a polished or brushed finish.

  • DC Sports Series: 4 dash Into dash 1

    DC Sports Headers

    There are quite a few performance parts available for today's vehicles that are designed to smooth out and speed up the process of exhaust removal from your engine. High-flow performance mufflers and catalytic converters are included in this category, as well as header systems. DC Sports 4-Into-1 headers are one of the most popular systems, originally commissioned by American Honda for development through DC Sports in 1987.

    4-Into-1 headers are made using the same precision, integrated manufacturing and testing methods as all high-quality DC Sports header systems. CNC mandrel bent with machined flanges and a machine-ground flange mating surface for a tight seal, each set of headers is subjected to rigorous dyno testing for performance against competitors. When you install DC Sports 4-Into-1 headers, you can be assured that you are getting great performance and a great fit.

    The purpose of headers is to facilitate a faster exhaust flow. Your stock engine setup forces the exhaust from all of your cylinders into a single pipe, but 4-Into-1 headers provide more exit pipes for a more efficient flow with less backpressure. When your cylinders do not have to fight each other to purge themselves of exhaust, there is more available power that can be sent straight to your wheels instead.

    Installing headers can be difficult with some models, but DC Sports 4-Into-1 headers come with complete installation instructions, as well as all the hardware and decals you need. 4-Into-1 headers are available in brushed or polished stainless steel, or in ceramic coated mild steel.

  • DC Sports Series: Racing

    DC Sports Headers

    Headers are a popular performance modification for many auto enthusiasts. They replace your stock exhaust manifold and allow your engine to remove exhaust faster and more effectively, which in turn boosts horsepower and torque. There are a lot of options when it comes to installing headers on your vehicle, and one of the biggest problems that drivers run into comes when the headers they purchased do not install properly due to a poor fit. This is a problem you don't have to worry about with DC Sports racing headers.

    Precision manufactured racing headers from DC Sports are engineered for an exact, leak-free fit. The flange mating surfaces are machine ground, and each unit undergoes dyno testing against the competition to ensure quality and performance. Made with the highest quality materials, DC Sports racing headers eliminate the post-installation problems present with many other header systems.

    Variety is important, and there are many different types of 50-state legal racing headers available from DC Sports. For the easiest installation and some great low- to mid-range power gains, there is the two-piece 4-2-1 style, and the one-piece 4-2-1 design is lightweight and maximizes ground clearance. Race enthusiasts will enjoy the 4-into-1 style for optimal mid- to top-end power, or the 3-into-1 suitable for V6 engines and applications. No matter what type of enhancements you're looking for, you will find the right set of DC Sports racing headers for your vehicle.

    Racing headers, along with all other DC Sports headers, are available in brushed steel, polished steel, and mild steel with a ceramic coating. Not only will you get better performance from your engine, but you will also enjoy the great looks under your hood.