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Grille Guard by Dee Zee

If you need a grill guard to protect your grill and provide functionality when you're off-roading, check out the Dee Zee EC2 Sport bar.

This sport bar is constructed from ultra-tough steel to give you all the protection and strength you'll need in any situation. The shiny chrome finish makes for a tough customer with a classy look. Installation is easy, since there is no drilling required. The kit includes a skid plate for extra protection--which you will need if you ever want to hook up a line to this bar and pull with it/

Dee Zee has been making truck accessories for almost 30 years. It all started with 12 running board models they brought to a Las Vegas auto show in 1977. Today they offer ten times that many different models of running boards, along with a great selection of toolboxes, tube products and other aftermarket truck gear. They were among the first to provide optional factory applied powdercoat protection to prevent oxidation and keep soap and water cleaning a simple operation. Nobody else is nearly as committed to providing quality, performance and attitude in every piece of equipment they sell. Everything in their huge variety of products is topnotch and built to stay that way.

The Dee Zee EC2 Sport bar comes with a 5 year warranty. It's sure to provide you with everything you want in a sport bar and more.

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Dee Zee Grille Guard Articles

  • Dee Zee Series: UltraBlack

    Dee Zee Grille Guard

    If you want a grill guard with the strength of steel, but without the blinding glare of chrome, the Dee Zee UltraBlack Grill Guard is a perfect choice. This Euro style guard will protect your grill and headlights and give your truck a distinctive look.

    The UltraBlack is made from 18 gauge steel with a protective layer of factory added black powdercoat. As if the steel weren't strong enough, the powdercoat adds increased durability by preventing oxidation. It also includes UV coated PVC bumper pads that resist fading even with prolonged exposure to sunlight. The UltraBlack comes in a variety of custom applications, with models that fit most full and mid-size trucks with no drilling required.

    Dee Zee started out in the aftermarket truck accessory business almost 30 years ago. In 1977, they brought the 12 running boards they had designed to a Las Vegas auto parts show. Since then, they have grown into one of the largest and best-known producers of high-quality aluminum truck products in the world. They now produce 120 different running boards, along with lots of toolboxes, tube products, and other truck accessories. Every product in their line is designed with quality, performance and attitude in mind. Their parts look good and they are built to stay that way/

    The Dee Zee UltraBlack Grill Guard comes with a 5 year warranty. It is sure to give you all the style and performance you could want from a grill guard.

  • Dee Zee Series: Elite

    Dee Zee Grille Guard

    The Dee Zee Elite Grill Guard is truly a classic of its kind. The chrome finished crossbars with black uprights are a design that has stood the test of time.

    The Elite is constructed with beefy looking, thick, 2" outer tubing, so it not only looks tough, it is tough. The highly polished chrome shows this tough guy has come class. This guard comes in a variety of custom-fit applications with no drilling required, so installation on your truck is quick and easy. The combined style and ease of the Elite makes it a perfect choice for a grill guard on almost any truck.

    Dee Zee started making truck accessories back in 1977. They entered the business with a small display of 12 running board models at a Las Vegas parts show and have grown into one of the world's top creators and sellers of aftermarket truck products. Today they carry 120 different running boards, as well as a wide variety of toolboxes, tube products and other truck gear. They were one of the first companies to provide a protective powdercoat on their aluminum products. They are completely committed to putting quality, performance and the Dee Zee attitude into everything they produce. Their products are good-looking and durable and designed to stay that way.

    The Dee Zee Elite Grill Guard comes with a limited lifetime warranty, so you're guaranteed to get everything you want from this grill guard for years to come/