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Dodge B350 Door Handle

Dealing with Dodge B350 Door Handle Problems

The door handle is one of the most overlooked automobile parts. Despite being used so often, car owners neglect to take care of it the way they do with other components and accessories. You could even say that it is almost taken for granted, considering how some people carelessly use a vehicle's door handle. They only pay close attention to it when it starts giving them a headache upon opening or closing their cars or when scratches spoil its finish. Here are tips on how to go about such issues with your Dodge B350 door handle:

Malfunctioning door handle

You may find yourself unable to open or close your vehicle's door that no matter how strongly you force it open, it just won't budge. In this case, you would have to remove the door handle and inspect it from the interior. Look for wires or cables connected to it and assess if they are already worn and need re-greasing.

When re-greasing the wires or cables, it would be better to use a spray grease rather than a WD40. A WD40 is actually more of a cleaner than a greaser. Make sure that you thoroughly clean them up to the interior. Also, check the wire connecting the door handle to the door. It must be properly clipped into a piece of metal or plastic. If not, then that would most likely be the reason for your door handle failure. The wire does not tense, which could also cause a loose feeling when you open the door. Replacing the clip or the door handle might be necessary.


Without you realizing it soon enough, you might have been using your door handle a bit too carelessly. All of a sudden, you notice annoying scratches on your door handle, which could have been due to harsh contact with fingernails, keys, or any metal stuff. You can remedy this minor nuisance by applying a polish or compound on the handle. Use a microfiber applicator and rub it in a circular motion. Make sure that there is just enough pressure. You may repeat the procedure until you reach your desired result.

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  • How to Keep Your Dodge B350 Door Handle Polished

    It cannot be contested-the door handle is one of the most used parts of any vehicle. However, because of its seemingly trivial function, it is commonly neglected and given little or no importance at all. Before you know it, your door handle suddenly looks so old and full of scratches. These scratches are possibly due to metals like keys and rings that scrape against it. Now, here are some tips on how you can get rid of those nasty scratches on your Dodge B350 door handle. After all, this part of your van shouldn't be left out when it comes to looking good.


    You may simply wash the door handle with water and a pH-balanced car wash soap. Rinse it thoroughly afterwards and dry it with a towel or a soft piece cloth.


    Use a smoothing polish to make your door handle look shiny. This product is perfect for removing scratches because it is not as heavy as other compound that you usually use in cleaning other areas in your vehicle. It is also better to use than heavy compound because it prevents overpolishing, which can cause premature deterioration of handle's clear coat. Also, it is recommended to use a foam applicator or an orbital buffer when applying the smoothing polish. Make sure that you rub it in a circular motion so that every area is given attention. You may need to re-apply this polish on some areas to completely remove the scratches.


    Sometimes, polishing the door handle is enough. However, there are scratches that have dug deep into the clear coat, which a smoothing polish cannot fix. In this case, you would have to cover it up with glaze. Simply apply it over the affected area/s until the remaining imperfections are completely covered.

    Protecting the finish

    Protect your door handle by sealing it. This step is important to keep your newly polished and glazed door handle from wearing away so soon. Also, you might want to consider painting it to enhance its look. You may use a spray paint to do this job. Then, coat it with galvanized metal etching spray primer or an oil-based spray primer if you have a plastic door handle.