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Dodge B350 Hood

Saving Your Dodge B350 Hood from Damage

The engine is like the heart of your Dodge B350. Without it, it would be impossible for your van to operate. That's why it is so important to protect it from the outside as much as it should be from the inside-a job cut out for the hood. But aside from covering the engine, the hood can also contribute to speed handling, engine cooling, and power generation. However, because of its conspicuous location in front of your vehicle, it's not at all impossible for it to get damaged. There are various factors that could affect its condition. The following are the usual causes of such problems with a Dodge B350 hood:

Broken lever or loose cable

When the hood of your van gets stuck, the first thing that you could look into is the little lever. If it is broken, you would have to replace it. However, if the lever seems to be in good condition, check the cable that connects the lever to the hood's lock. It might have been stretched out too much, and the insufficient tension is preventing the release of the lock. In this case, the cable would have to be tightened.

Rusty lock

A rusty or worn-out lock could also cause the hood to get jammed, and it would be best to replace it. To open the hood, you would have to release the lever or carefully push down on it. Once you have opened it already, you might want to consider applying oil on the latch assembly as well.


The hood is located in a very conspicuous area in front of your vehicle, making it prone to collision. Dents could easily form on its surface, damaging not just the hood itself but the entire look of your Dodge 350. If the dent is too big, it would be better to simply replace it rather than force on repairing it. However, if the dent is just small, gently tapping the dent with a lightweight hammer would fix the problem. Do this from the inside of the hood until the surface has already become level.

  • How to Keep Your Dodge B350 Hood Looking Good

    One of the first things that people would notice in your car is the hood. That alone could be enough reason for you to start caring about your hood a little bit more. No one ever wants his car to look old and shabby, so you really need to invest time and effort in keeping its exterior clean and looking new. And since the hood is a huge part of your vehicle's look, you need to regularly clean it to maintain its nice finish. So here are tips on how to properly clean your Dodge B350 hood:

    Free your hand from any metal.

    Don't forget to take off your rings, bracelets, or whatever accessory you have on. Cleaning your hood with any of these things can accidentally scratch your paint. You don't want additional stuff to do, do you?

    Get the right cleaning materials.

    You may often hear other people saying that cleaning your hood with ordinary household cleaners such as a dishwashing liquid, but that's just not proper. It can only strip off the wax and damage the clear coat of your hood. Using a pH-balanced car shampoo and paint conditioner is the only recommended cleaning agent for the exterior of your car.

    You might also want to consider getting a clay bar, which is very helpful in making your paintwork gleam. Just make sure that you don't drop it on the ground. The putty is very sticky that acquiring dirt from the ground is quite easy. If it falls on the floor, don't ever use it again. You might just scratch the paint on your hood with grit.

    Use the proper cleaning tools as well. A wash mitt is very effective in soaping and rinsing your hood. It has microfiber fingers on one side, which is perfect for scrubbing off dirt in every area. It also works well when rinsing and wiping the suds.

    Polish your hood.

    Put on some polish on your hood to make it appear shiny and squeaky clean. Use a clean applicator when polishing your hood and then buff it off with a microfiber cloth.