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Dodge B350 Water Pump

Common Issues Displayed by a Dodge B350 Water Pump

You shouldn't normally experience issues with your Dodge B350 water pump. After all, Dodge B350 water pumps are built tough; they're capable of functioning well for a long time. But despite that, they aren't invincible can still run into problems such as the ones discussed below.

Rusty or Damaged Impeller

Do you know what the rotating wheel in your Dodge B350 water pump is called (yes, it has a name)? It's referred to as the impeller. And as you probably know, the said wheel-like component of your Dodge B350 water pump is the one that facilitates the circulation of fluid within the pump. So when the impeller is rusty or damaged, it's safe to say that the water pump's function would be severely impaired. Your entire cooling system could be reduced to being useless if that's the case.

With those said, you're basically left with no other option but to replace the entire water pump. Do so as soon as you can. Yes, it's not that cheap, but delaying the replacement can cause serious (very expensive, in other words) implications for your engine.


Since your Dodge B350 water pump deals with fluids, it isn't surprising that leaks are one of the issues that you can encounter with it. A telltale sign of this issue is when you find a puddle of coolant under your B350. If coolant is indeed leaking, your water pump may be cracked or damaged. And just like in the case of a rusty or damaged impeller, there's no other alternative but to replace the water pump. Again, don't wait too long before getting a replacement. You'll only be wasting coolant and compromising your engine if you do.

Note: Coolant can also leak from the radiator or the radiator hoses. So do confirm first if the water pump is indeed the source of the leaks before getting a replacement for it.

Noisy Bearing

A noisy water pump bearing is never a good sign. When you start hearing this, you better check on your Dodge B350 water pump right away. Why? It's because the noise is pretty much your signal that your pump is going bad. Don't wait until it completely gives out on you though. It's best to get a replacement for it as soon as possible so that your engine won't run into any overheating issues.

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  • Maintenance Tips: Dodge B350 Water Pump

    The Dodge B350 water pump isn't too demanding of your time and effort since it doesn't really require a lot of maintenance. However, there are still things that you need to do for your water pump from time to time to keep it and your cooling system running optimally. With that said, below are the ways to take care of your pump.

    Periodically change your supply of coolant.

    Having a fresh batch of coolant running in your system is always great for your Dodge B350's various cooling components. That includes the Dodge B350 water pump, of course. A new supply should help your water pump to function properly as worn-out coolant won't contribute to your engine's cooling needs. Also, changing your coolant rids your system of potentially harmful debris that may be mixed together with your old supply.

    Keep an ear out.

    You should always pay attention to how your Dodge B350 sounds. This way, you'll notice any irregularities with your ride right away as unusual sounds are often good indicators of faulty components. A Dodge B350 water pump bearing is an example of a faulty component that generates an unusual noise. This is almost always means that your pump is about to give out. With that said, use the noises as signals to inspect problematic components.

    Regularly look for signs of damage.

    All damaged or cracked Dodge B350 water pumps suffer the same fate-they become sources of coolant leaks. And since you're most probably not the type who is fond of wasting coolant, you'll want to regularly look for signs of damage within the water pump to avoid just that. This way, you can immediately get a replacement or whatnot for the problematic pump.

    Inspect the gasket once in a while.

    There are times in which leaks are present even though your Dodge B350 water pump is still in good condition. In this case, it may not be to blame at all. The likely culprit is the water pump's gasket. It may already be worn out, thus leaks are present.

    Don't worry, replacement gaskets aren't hard to find. They aren't difficult to install as well. So yeah, inspect this component from time to time to prevent leaks.