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Dodge Caravan A/C Condenser

The dawning of minivans in the automotive world was initiated by Renault's Renault Space and Chrysler's Dodge Caravan. It was in the year 1984 when the aforementioned automobile producers developed a type of vehicle higher than normal sedans, compacts and station wagons and is designed to have an increased interior room that usually features a three-row seating capacity.

Minivans are perfect vehicles for a relatively young and small family because of its ability to hold enough number of passengers yet economical as compared to bigger vehicles. Aside from this, minivans also exhibit a fresh design and appearance when put side y side with the seasoned station wagons. Modern suburban families must have appreciated this kind of vehicle because the number of Plymouth, Chrysler and Dodge minivans sold soared already to as much as 11 million as of mid-2005.

Minivans like the Dodge Caravan are marketed for over twenty long years and expected to stay in the business for as long as there are people who will believe in the capability and character of minivans. Despite minivans' negative public image for poor maneuverability and performance in comparison with other types of vehicles, they remain to be the top choice of suburban families. Dodge Caravan will also remain steadfast in bringing significant innovations for the coming model years.

Dodge Caravans like any other vehicle are normally subjected to automotive problems such as ignition failure. Such problem takes place when your ignition condenser is defective or totally busted. To explain, initial current produces a magnetic field around the coil windings but does not occur right away because it takes time before the current and the magnetic field reach the maximum value. The time element is determined by the resistance of the coil winding. If the contacts remain closed or if the engine speeds up, the maximum value is not reached but when the breaker begins to open, the initial current will continue to flow and the condition in a winding is increased by means of the iron core.

Without ignition condenser or simply condenser, the produced voltage causing the flow of current would create an arc across the contact points and the magnetic energy would be consumed in this arc and as a consequence, the contact points would be burned and ignition would not occur. If ever you encounter such problem of ignition failure, you must check your condenser and if your think that it should be replaced already, you can get your Dodge Caravan condenser in any auto parts store especially in on-line ones.

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