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Dodge Caravan Carpet

The parts making up your car are crafted for a special purpose. It is placed there either for aesthetic, performance, safety, protection or comfort. The importance of some auto parts and accessories are very much obvious that is why it is given much importance as compared with other car components. However some parts may appear unimportant thus auto users do not pay much attention to its condition thus oftentimes their defect seem to become more complicated and difficult to repair. One of which is the car's carpet.

Other car owners may consider a carpet as nothing but a mere add-on to enhance the interior look of the car but mind you, its purpose is far more important than that. If something goes wrong with it, surely the over-all performance of the car can be affected. The main duty of am auto carpet is to protect the floor which is usually made of metal. Dirt, water, insects, debris and other unwanted creatures or objects can be easily carried into the car through the owner's foot wear. However these objects can be one of the great factors that can easily corrode the floor.

Rust is the most evident effect. It is often called the silent killer since it slowly crept into the metal components without necessarily showing any visible signs. Of course it would start to show off later on but it may be too late for repair so the only choice left is costly metal sheet replacements. It is at this point that the importance of a car carpet can be realized. The carpet prevents deadly rust from creeping into the metal sheets thus it can exist for a longer period of time.

The market offers various types and designs of car carpets to suit the specific configurations of the car. It can be universally made or the owner can have it custom made not only for exact perfect finish but for personal reflection of their taste and preference as well.

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