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Dodge Caravan Emblem

Diagnosis of Common Dodge Caravan Emblem Problems

Your Dodge Caravan emblem is what sets your vehicle apart from the others. Similar to a distinct hood, windshield, or grille, it is a unique symbol that identifies a car model. An emblem, or a badge, is sometimes removed by car owners for a number of different reasons. An owner might want his car to look sleek and his car's body to appear seamless. Other people have business-related reasons. However, a proud Caravan owner will take care of the emblem and display it proudly on his vehicle, and with good reason, as its name carries the history of the vehicle. You will find out that you aren't going to encounter too many problems with your emblem. Most of it has to do with damage, scratches, or rust. Here are the possible issues you might encounter when it comes to your emblem and how to diagnose and address them:

Visible scratches on the emblem

A clouded and scratched emblem sticks out like a sore thumb. To fix it, you will need to determine how deep each scratch has gone. A simple visual inspection will tell you whether the scratches on the emblem are minor or deep. Minor scratches are made by bushes or even people accidentally bumping into your car. You only need to polish them, and you can do this by applying a bit of polishing compound to the emblem. Wash it afterwards, and check if the scratches are still visible. Once they're gone, apply regular car wax to the emblem to make it shine.

For deep scratches, a touch-up paint job is needed. A good way to go about it would be to get a touch-up paint that matches the color of the emblem. Most emblems are colored silver, so make sure to find one that matches yours. Use a sharp toothpick when touching up thin scratches. You'll need to apply a layer of clear coat that usually comes with the paint after performing the touch-up.

Dirt underneath the emblem

Seeing dirt form around and underneath the emblem might not startle most car owners. However, for the ones who are really conscious about how their car looks, this is an issue they'd willingly solve. Look for dust and grime that have formed around the letters of your emblem. If you have the time, you can carefully remove the emblem and clean the area underneath it. You can reattach the emblem later with some adhesive.

Dodge Caravan Emblem Available Years

  • Taking Good Care of Your Dodge Caravan Emblem

    Imagine getting out of your Dodge Caravan, accessing the rear, and finding out that you lost your emblem. You will definitely feel like your car has lost its identity. You live in a neighborhood that's practically crime-free, so you rule out vandalism. Once you inspect the damage, you see what went wrong: you have not taken care of it. You vaguely remember it being slightly off-kilter the last time you saw it. You ignored it then, but it's finally given up on you and has fallen off after years and years of trying to hold on to your car. Although a Dodge Caravan emblem can be bought for less than $10, you can keep your original one in top shape by following the maintenance tips listed below:

    Clean and wax the emblem regularly, and remove it to be able to clean underneath it.

    Cleaning and waxing your emblem should be standard maintenance procedure for car owners. Removing the emblem just to clean the area underneath it might be too much, but consider doing so to keep your car spotless. Dust might form permanently in and around that area, leaving a mark that becomes hard to clean over time if you ignore it. You will have to create a guide as the emblem's letters are not glued together. Without a guide, you'll be at a loss as to how the characters are spaced. Before removing the emblem, create one on paper, drawing guide lines corresponding to each letter's placement. Remove the emblem once the guide is done. Reattach it with adhesive after making sure that the car's surface is clean dry.

    Take time to rust-proof your emblem.

    Rust and corrosion is common in high-humidity areas. Rust-proofing your metal components-including your emblem-is a good practice, especially during the winter months. Apply a generous amount of WD-40 to your emblem, making sure not to miss the edges of the characters. You can use a sharp toothpick with a microfiber cloth at the tip to apply the solution to those hard-to-reach places. This will prevent moisture and other substances from corroding the emblem over time.