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Dodge Caravan Fender

When Dodge Caravan Fenders Go Dodgy

The fender of a car acts like an extended bumper that covers the side of the front end, just above the tires. But unlike the bumpers, it can easily be damaged because of the fender's sheer thinness. Sheet metal or plastic used on a fender is usually very thin and can easily be dented or dinged. If a fender on your car has been damaged, the amount of work and money needed to repair it will depend on the damage. There are many ways to repair various fender problems. These are just some of the mishaps where the fenders can get entangled in.

Chipped paint

Given the position of the fenders, it is one of the most exposed exterior parts to damage. While the car is moving alongside other vehicles, flying debris directed to the fenders could chip off the paint. This won't be noticeable at first. However, as time passes, the paint slowly peels away more and more. This is bad, aesthetically speaking. But a re-application of paint on the troubled area could easily solve this problem. Nevertheless, this must be responded to right away because it may lead to greater problems which will be discussed later on.


Since the fender situated on the front side of the vehicle, the fender is usually caught in the middle of collisions, may they be minor or major. Dents aren't scars that should be left to heal. They must be attended to immediately. Since the fenders are quite thin, expect to do most of your exterior detailing along this part.


In connection to the first mishap, rust could easily accumulate on the fenders. Once the paint gets chipped off and the raw metal skin of the car is exposed, rust will eventually set in. Fenders are usually primered before they are installed to combat this very scenario. Then, another layer of paint, usually the body paint, is applied for a dual layer of protection during installation. However, if the damage is deep enough, the primer might get peeled on a certain area. Rust needs just one small sample size in order to wreak havoc. Therefore, it's best to re-apply primer on the fender during repairs before it gets painted with another layer.

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  • Defending your Dodge Caravan Fenders Against Serious Damage

    A fender's primary purpose is to prevent sand, mud, rocks, and muck from being set loose and thrown into your Dodge Caravan's body or windshield. The fast movement of the wheels could hurl even the smallest of debris against the car and damage it. Therefore, the fender is a defender against the so-called "road spray". They are typically very easy to dent because they don't have the same strength as the bumpers. That's why minor car accidents are typically called "fender benders". However, you don't have to fret over the fact that the fenders are quite fragile. You can always do some repairs and extra protection by following these procedures.

    Repair small dents.

    Any dent or ding that is big or small and narrow or wide, is nothing but an eyesore. Fortunately, you can restore your fender back into good shape even at the comfort of your own garage. Just use a dent puller to slowly tug the dent back to its original shape. More often than not, there would still be a little unevenness on the surface of the dent. Applying a body filler then letting it set before sanding the excess out will definitely ease this problem out.

    Re-paint the fender.

    In the process of protecting your car from road spray, the fender might suffer from scratches and chipped paint. These are favorite starting spots of rust so deal with it as soon as possible. Address this issue by re-painting the fender. The area must be smoothened first. Thus, cleaning the area is a good way to prep the fender. Always put some primer on the affected area first so that the fender will have an extra layer of protection. Once you're done then you can apply the paint. Make sure that you coat the fender evenly to avoid bulges and botches.

    Wax the fender.

    By buffing the fender with wax, road spray won't easily stick onto the surface. Instead, the road spray will latch onto the coat of wax first, and cleaning it will be easier. Because of this, the paint won't be damaged easily. The paint is very important not just for the styling and the looks, but also as a shield against the fender's number one enemy: rust.