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Dodge Caravan Headlight Assembly

The Dodge Caravan Headlight Assembly Diagnosis Corner

The headlight assembly of your Dodge Caravan is there not just for looks. It allows you to have clear vision of what's in store on the road ahead. And to make sure that you are able to keep it working properly, regular troubleshooting is needed. Here are some tips to get you started:

Blind spots and accidental blinding

When you either hear people complain about your lights hitting them, or when you are having blind spots in your car's vision area, then it is time to check the aim of your headlights. The usual suspects for this type of problem are the lenses and the contacts. It is either the lenses being nudged the wrong way or the contacts having a dent. To confirm this, first get your car into a dark space with walls, preferably your garage. Then, turn on the headlight assembly. Consult the manual if the height and angle of the light are within manufacturer standards. If not, then a simple adjustment should be able to get the aim back to normal.

Malfunctioning lights

If you are having trouble getting the lights to turn on, it is usually the fault of either the wirings or the bulbs. The first thing to check is the condition of the bulbs, since that part gets faulty easily. See if the filament has burnt out or if the whole bulb is broken. Do not worry; it is normal for bulbs to die out eventually, so a simple part replacement should do the trick. If it does not, however, then you should check the electrical connections of your headlight assembly. Fuses, switches, and wires should all be checked whether they are worn or broken. If any of them are, then use your electrical know-how to fix them, or replace the parts if they can't be saved.

Inconsistent brightness

Flickering or dimming lights from your headlight assembly could be attributed to either the alternator or the battery malfunctioning. Check if one or both of these parts are broken. A defective alternator or battery has a great effect in the lighting power of your vehicle. Without enough charge, the brightness weakens, resulting in dimming or flickering headlights. Replacing them with brand-new parts should be able to get the lights back to its normal brightness.

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  • Dodge Caravan Headlight Assembly Maintenance Made Easy

    The Dodge Caravan headlight assembly might be a high-quality product, but without proper care and maintenance from the driver, it could still break down easily. To keep it in optimum condition, here are a few tips:

    Regularly clean headlight assembly lenses

    Debris, dirt, and other kinds of environmental specks are slowly collected inside your headlight assembly. If left unchecked, they actually do significant damage to your lenses. They could also get inside your headlight assembly and damage the bulbs or contacts. These problems lead to either glares made by having a malformed lens, or a complete malfunction of the car part. One thing that you could do regularly is to get some soap and water, and do a good scrub on the headlight assembly. Make sure you clean them thoroughly. If you have a little extra income, then get yourself a headlight restoration kit. It is not an expensive product, and it has all the tools and materials you need to get your headlight assembly lenses back to shape.

    Adjust lenses to correct height

    When driving, always be wary of your headlight assembly's beam height and angle. If you notice that it is set a little bit higher or lower than normal, or that it seems to be blinding drivers in front, then take it back to your garage. If you do not have one, then somewhere dark with a solid wall will do. Then, take out your manual to check if the height and angle are up to legal standards. Any discrepancies in the aim should be adjusted easily and as soon as possible. Do your corrections carefully, as you do not want to get burns from the bulb's heat.

    Replace both headlights

    If you ever to decide to replace your headlights in your assembly, always remember to do so in pairs. It is not that much big of a deal, but there are benefits to this. The problem with replacing only one of the headlights is that after some time, one of the headlights would go dim while the other is still working properly. This is a bit inconvenience so it is best to just buy a whole set.