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Dodge Caravan Radiator

Common Reasons behind a Faulty Dodge Caravan Radiator

Keeping your car's radiator efficient is important if you want to maintain the quality of your car's cooling system. But, even if you constantly perform maintenance procedures, you will still find defects in your radiator overtime. A constantly overheating car is the most common sign that you have a faulty radiator. So if you think this is the problem of your Dodge Caravan, you had better perform some troubleshooting. Listed here are just some of the common glitches you may encounter with defective Dodge Caravan radiators and the reasons behind them.

Radiator leaks

Radiator leaking is very easy to detect because a faulty one forms a large puddle that looks like water or engine coolant. You can easily inspect this when your vehicle is parked. If you see that the puddle's location is under where the radiator was, then you have a plugged radiator. Also, check for the hoses if there are signs of cracks and damages because this leak may have been caused by dirt and debris buildup or a defective radiator sealant.

Engine smoke or steam

Another problem that may manifest due to a clogged radiator is engine smoke or steam. It is easy to identify this because of the smoke's smell and color. A white and thick smoke should indicate that the problem is with the coolant. Other times, steam will come out, which is easily differentiated from other gases because of the absence of a strong smell.

Engine overheating

A malfunctioning car radiator can cause engine overheating. There are several reasons that can cause the engine's temperature to rise. Some radiator parts you need to inspect include blown seams, deteriorated cooling fin solders, and the radiator cooling fan among others. In other instances, the radiator may be lacking antifreeze. Luckily, all you have to do is to open the cap if you want to do inspection. Overheating may also be caused by a plugged radiator, which prevents ample circulation of engine coolant, so don't forget to check for signs of clogging as well.

Other troubleshooting tips

When performing diagnosis of the radiator, always allot time for the engine to cool down. If you're nor careful, you may injure yourself with serious burns if you do not follow this precautionary measure.

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  • Easy Tips to Keep Your Dodge Caravan Radiator in Good Shape

    Without your Dodge Caravan radiator, your engine will be at risk of constant overheating. This engine temperature rise is prevented by pumping the coolant into the engine and removing the heat from the coolant that has already circulated in the engine. Even though the part keeps your engine cool, it can breakdown with debris and dirt buildup. If you want to prevent unnecessary damages to your car's radiator, then follow these trouble-free maintenance tips:

    Regularly check antifreeze level.

    To prevent engine overheating, you must maintain the radiator's antifreeze level. This is because low coolant level can trigger engine temperature rise. A quick fix to address a low antifreeze problem is by adding a mixture of half antifreeze and half distilled water. You see, it is important that distilled water is used because ordinary tap water contains several minerals that can pile up and build inside the radiator system. This can then cause blockages and clogging.

    Drain the anti-freeze.

    A contaminated coolant can cause clogging because of mineral buildup. So, to keep this problem at bay, it is advised that you regularly drain and change the radiator's antifreeze.

    Clean the front of your radiator.

    Your radiator contains fins that can get dirty overtime. Because of constant driving, the radiator fins may accumulate leaves, rocks, dirt, and other kinds of debris, which can cause heat buildup. If you want to prevent overheating, make sure that you keep harmful and damaging elements off of your car's radiator.

    Use only appropriate cleaning tools.

    Knowing the right cleaning materials is just as important as performing cleaning maintenance on the radiator. Luckily, the parts are mostly inside your home or available at the local home improvement shop. So for cleaning, prepare a soft nylon brush to wipe of dirt and debris. Use soapy water to clean and a yard hose to rinse the front of the radiator.

    Other maintenance reminders

    When performing maintenance or when servicing your Dodge Caravan radiator, always allot time-at least an hour-to cool down the engine. If you fail to do so, you might get yourself severely burned when touching the radiator.