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Dodge Caravan Trunk Strut

Warning Signs of a Failing Dodge Caravan Trunk Strut

Holding up your Dodge Caravan's trunk lid is no problem for your perfectly functioning trunk struts. But when old age catches up on these components, you will definitely have a lot of trouble accessing your trunk. Here are some familiar Dodge Caravan trunk strut issues:

Weak lifting performance

Possibly the most obvious sign that your trunk struts are on their way out is a trunk lid that won't hold up. Your trunk struts will slowly get weaker as time passes, making it more difficult for you to tell the difference. Try popping up your trunk lid and watching it closely. If it starts to fall down bit by bit, you probably need to replace your trunk struts. If your trunk lid suddenly slams down hard on the back of your head while you're loading or unloading some things in your trunk, then you definitely need new trunk struts.

Squeaking noises

Listening for odd noises whenever you open and close your trunk can tell you if your trunk struts are still properly lubricated. To get rid of unusual squeaking noises from your trunk struts, try coating the seals and retaining bolts with some lubricant. Make sure to use a lubricant that is not silicone-based and is non-greasy, or you might damage your trunk strut's seals.

Mineral oil leaks

Over time, the seals in your trunk struts will give in to wear and tear, and they won't be able to hold in the mineral oil inside your trunk struts. Since mineral oil leaks are a common cause of early failure among trunk struts, worn-out multiple-lip seals in your trunk struts should be replaced at once. If your trunk strut rods are covered by a thin layer of oil, then your trunk struts are definitely leaking. Apart from replacing the seals, make sure to check for any cracks on the body of your trunk struts as well.

Other troubleshooting tips

Check if the retaining bolts on your trunk seals are secure and tighten them if necessary. Don't forget to look for signs of corrosion on all metal parts of your trunk struts as well and clean up the corroded area with some rust inhibitor.

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  • Keeping Your Dodge Caravan Trunk Strut in Good Condition

    Ensuring that your minivan's trunk struts are in great form can help save your trunk lid from being damaged and your head from being hit by your falling trunk lid. To keep each Dodge Caravan trunk strut in tiptop shape, here are some maintenance tips:

    Keep the mounting bolts tight and properly lubricated.

    With regular use, the mounting or retaining bolts that secure your trunk struts to the your trunk lid can become loose or dried up. An improperly fitted or poorly lubricated bolt can become squeaky and quite risky for your trunk struts, so make sure that you keep these retaining bolts tight and lubricated. Remember to tighten the bolts according to spec to avoid damaging them.

    Don't reuse old ball studs when replacing your trunk struts.

    Reusing old ball studs for your new trunk struts might save you a couple of bucks, but the time and effort required to get them out of your old trunk struts won't make your savings worth it. Getting to the old ball studs requires you to cut them out of your old trunk struts, damaging the ball studs in the process. If you insist on using your old ball studs, you also risk making your new trunk struts fail prematurely.

    Replace your trunks struts two at a time.

    Your trunk lid requires equal force on both sides to be lifted properly. So even if only one of your trunk struts has failed completely, you should replace both of them at once. From broken hinges to shattered windows, having your trunk struts exert an unequal force on your trunk lid will definitely lead to more costly damage.

    Regularly perform a visual inspection on your trunk struts.

    Check your trunk struts for any cracks, nicks, or cuts. These will definitely weaken your trunk struts and cause them to fail prematurely. Also look for any signs of rust, so you can treat the rusted area quickly before it fully damages your trunk struts.

    Keep the shaft of your trunk struts clean.

    If your trunk struts' metal rods or shafts get dirty, your entire trunk strut assembly won't perform at its best. Use a non-sticky, non-silicone based cleaner on the trunk strut shafts to keep them from attracting further dirt.