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Dodge Dakota Sway Bar Link Kit

Some Dodge Dakota Sway Bar Link Kit Troubleshooting Tips for You

Otherwise known as an anti-roll bar, the sway bar is an essential component in your vehicle to keep it from leaning excessively whenever you make a turn. Basically, this keeps the car body upright at all times. It's inevitable for this part to wear out especially since this is found in the suspension system. Here are some tips and tricks to help you diagnose a problematic sway bar, so that you'll know when you should install a new Dodge Dakota sway bar link kit to make the anti-roll bar work more effectively.

Difference in appearance

You can check how the sway bar link is functioning just by how it looks like. This can also indicate if there's a problem and if you have to get it replaced as soon as possible. The sway bar is composed of different units. If the link is the one that's worn out, it will no longer be connected to the suspension on one end and on the sway bar on the other. Getting a new one may be needed, but good thing there's a sway bar link kit in the market to make your life easier. You can get this replaced in your own home in an instant.

Strange sounds

Another symptom that you can tell that the sway bar link is going south is if you start hearing strange sounds. If it's worn out, it can cause the sway bar to fall down from the chassis and suspension. You can start hearing clicks and rattles whenever you make a turn around the corner. Also, clicking and clunking noises can be heard whenever you drive over bumps; this can cause the sway bar to move too much as well. To solve this problem, you'd better have a new sway bar link kit installed. This way, you can drive your Dodge Dakota without any problems at all.

Bad handling

If you sense that you're not able to handle the vehicle very well, it could mean that the sway bar link is getting damaged and this must be inspected right away. If this happens, the sway bar won't be securely connected to the chassis and will cause the vehicle to lean when cornering. Have the link checked; otherwise, you might need to get a new sway bar link kit installed.

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  • Doing Proper Maintenance for the Dodge Dakota Sway Bar Link Kit

    The sway bar link of the vehicle ensures that the car body stays upright especially when making a left or right turn. It's also called an anti-roll bar because it sees to it that the automobile won't lean excessively especially when it's running. But, it's quite unavoidable for this part to wear out if you don't do proper upkeep. Here are some tips to bear in mind, so that you'll know what to do should this part give up on you and if you already need to get your hands on a new Dodge Dakota sway bar link kit.

    Slow down before cornering.

    A reason why the sway bar link kit gets damaged is when you drive at a fast speed and you suddenly make a turn. This can cause the link to break and let the sway bar get separated from the chassis and suspension. So before turning around the corner, make sure to slow down and be patient. You wouldn't want to get the sway bar replaced instead because this costs more than the link.

    Replace the sway bar link when necessary.

    If it's about time that you should replace the sway bar link kit, go ahead and do so; otherwise, you might have to get the sway bar changed instead. This is much complicated and more expensive compared to having the little link replaced.

    Lubricate the sway bar link.

    The sway bar link dries up very fast, which can affect the performance of the sway bars. Make sure to lubricate it with grease when needed so that it can function the way it should. If it gets damaged, you may have no other choice left but to get a new sway bar link kit.

    Take your ride to a mechanic.

    Sometimes, you're unsure of what to do especially if you don't normally check the suspension system of your vehicle. The best thing would be to visit a professional mechanic to ask for advice on how to maintain the sway bar link kit of your car. It's also good to regularly take it to the auto shop to know if there's something wrong with the sway bar that may entail having to replace the whole thing.