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Dodge Dakota Tail Light Assembly

Common Culprits Behind Dodge Dakota Tail Light Assembly Problems

Driving your Dodge Dakota with broken or defective tail lights could cause you great trouble, especially at night or in areas with low visibility. You might end up getting a ticket or an accident, just because something went wrong with your tail light assembly. Just like your other car components, the parts of your Dodge Dakota's tail light assembly would eventually wear out. Here's how you can troubleshoot your truck's tail light problems:

Tail light won't lit up

A busted bulb is one of the most common culprits behind a dead tail light. Especially if the truck is more than five years under your care, its bulbs might already be wearing out. Sudden dimming or blinking of the lights is a sign of a retiring bulb. Remove the tail light bulb from the assembly and inspect if it has a broken filament, or it is already wasted. You need to replace the bulb, but not the entire tail light assembly, when you've confirmed that the problem is caused by the bulb itself.

Both tail lights are not working

When both of the tail lights are not working, it is probably caused by a blown fuse in the assembly. You can refer to the owner's manual to know where the fuses are, so you can double-check if the malfunction is caused by a blown fuse. Once you've located the fuse box, check if there is a broken thin metal strip in any of the fuses. You need to replace the blown fuse to make the tail lights work again.

Bulbs and fuses okay, tail lights won't work still

If it's not a busted bulb or a blown fuse, then maybe a loose or damaged wiring is causing the tail lights to malfunction. Check the wirings of the assembly for any damage and ensure that all the wires are intact. Also, look for signs of corrosion that might be causing the wires to fail. If the wirings are all okay, might as well check the brake light and signal switch for damage. Make sure to verify the cause of the problem before you hit the road again.

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  • Easy Tips to Maintain the Dodge Dakota Tail Light Assembly 27 February 2013

    Night-driving on a Dodge Dakota is fine, except if it has a defective tail light assembly. Your huge pickup truck might be the next cause of road mishap if your tail lights are busted. To ensure road safety, make sure to keep your automotive lightings in proper condition. Want to know how? Here are some tips to keep your Dodge's tail lights alive:

    Keep your tail lights clean, inside and out.

    Sometimes, dim tail lights are only caused by dirty lenses. More than washing off the dirt from the surface of the tail lights, cleaning the inside part should also be done regularly. Removing the condensation inside the lenses would keep the proper illumination of the lights. To do this, you would have to remove the tail lights from the vehicle and clean them thoroughly on the inside and out. You can use a degreaser to get rid of dirt buildup or grime.

    Seal the tail lights from moisture.

    If you are too busy to clean your tail lights regularly, you might as well seal your tail light lenses using a plumber's tape or Teflon tape to prevent moisture from coming in. You can put at least two layers of this tape to ensure that there are no holes or cracks. Just make sure to put the tapes with care so that your car won't appear messy with this DIY solution. You should also replace the tape as soon as it starts to tear off.

    Replace busted bulbs.

    Driving with a busted tail light could be a hassle, especially if you typically go to areas with low visibility. Replacing a tail light bulb is easy and cheap, and it is best if you will replace the stock bulbs with xenon ones. This type of bulb has higher illumination and longer lifespan compared to the traditional types. This way, you won't have to replace the bulbs more frequently.

    Check for blown fuse and broken wirings.

    A blown fuse could be the culprit behind your faulty tail lights. You may check the wirings as well to ensure that the lights receive the right amount of electricity to light them up. If you see any blown fuses, you should replace them immediately to restore your tail lights.