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Dodge Durango Grille Assembly

Problems with the Dodge Durango Grille Assembly

The Dodge Durango is one of Chrysler's best-selling sports utility vehicles, thanks to its superb performance and stylish looks. One area that most people tend to notice on this SUV would be its grille assembly, which features a very unique appearance for the vehicle. Dodge's signature cross-haired grille sets it apart from other brands and gives the Durango its iconic look. Although it's uncommon for grille assemblies to cause problems in vehicles, there are a few cases where they affect the engine bay. Some folks may also find that their grilles may rattle overtime, especially with older vehicles. Learn to troubleshoot similar problems in your Dodge Durango grille assembly with the help of our guide below.

Blocked grilles

Your SUVs grille is responsible for allowing air to enter into your vehicle's engine bay and into your ride's radiator. Since this is primarily where the air flows through, you'd want to make sure that it's clean and free from any obstructive debris. In extreme cases, a blocked grille can actually affect a vehicle's cooling system, especially if you have a billet grille that has a semi-permeable cover that could get blocked up over time. Dust and small pebbles can get lodged in the grille assembly and could obstruct airflow. You also wouldn't want custom grilles to get damaged by these small particles since they can ruin special paint jobs and chromed parts. Regular cleaning and maintenance is key in keeping your Dodge Durango grille assembly at its best.

Rattling or loose grilles

Older grille assemblies can also wear out and produce unnecessary rattling and noise, which can be irritating in the long run. Most of the time, rattling and other noises from the grille can be caused by improper installation or mounting bolts wearing out over time causing the grille to come loose and rattle. Before you try fixing this problem, make sure that you know what kind of grille you have on your Durango. Most stock grilles are bolted on the vehicle, so you simply have to loosen those bolts in order to take the entire assembly out. But if you went for a custom grille, then you might have a simple grille cover that is mounted on top of your existing grille. What you'll need to do is retighten all the mounting bolts or have the bolts replaced if they're already worn out.

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  • Tips on Cleaning Your Dodge Durango Grille Assembly

    Your Dodge Durango has this huge grille assembly in front that resembles Dodge's signature cross-haired logo, making it quite easy to identify your SUV from other brands. Keeping this grille nice and clean is no easy task as dirt and road debris can get stuck inside. Bugs can also hit your grille and leave sticky residue that could corrode the paint and finish of your grille over time. What's more, if you don't pay attention to your Dodge Durango grille assembly, the buildup could actually affect your vehicle's cooling system causing your engine's temperature to rise a bit. Keep your grille assembly clean with some tips below.

    Use dish soap and hot water to wash your grille.

    There will be a lot of stubborn deposits inside your grille assembly, and you won't be able to remove them all by going through a simple car wash. What you'll need would be some hot water and a bit of dish soap to get your grille nice and clean. Soak a rag or cloth in hot water with a bit of dish soap and start scrubbing your grille, especially the small nooks where dirt can get trapped in.

    Reach into tight areas using a small soft bristled toothbrush.

    For grilles that are made of very fine mesh, you'll need to use a brush to clean it properly. Make sure that you dip the brush in warm soapy water before you start scrubbing.

    Spray a bit of degreaser to prevent road debris from sticking to your grille.

    Cleaning your vehicle's grille can be hard work, so make it easier next time by spraying a bit of degreaser on your grille. Bugs, dirt, and road debris tend to stick to your grille. But with a thin coat of a degreasing product like WD-40, all of these problems would simply slide off when you wipe them off the next you start cleaning.

    Apply some polish on chrome grilles for extra shine and protection.

    Chromed grilles assemblies are susceptible to rust, so make sure that they stay rust-free by applying some chrome polish after you've cleaned them thoroughly. Use a microfiber cloth or lint-free rag to make sure that you don't leave any scratches.