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Dodge Durango Mirror

Answers to Dodge Durango Mirror Problems

More than just an instrument that allows you to constantly check how you look, your Dodge Durango mirror is there for your safety. This is the reason why you should solve problems with the mirror as soon as possible; not because of vanity. To help you out, here are answers to some problems experienced with car mirrors:

Loose mirrors

Like any other bolted-on part in your car, your mirrors are bound to get loose. The primary cause of this would be the mirrors' age, but the strong slamming of the doors and constant readjustments also contribute.

To set things straight, the mirrors should be bolted on the base, while the base should be properly installed on the car. Some car mirrors have both assemblies bolted on by screws which you can easily see. A slight tightening would be able to solve the problem. However in some products, the mirrors are simply jammed in between the plastic base and frame. These types of mirrors get loose more easily; you may need a good adhesive to solve the problem.

Dirty mirrors

It doesn't require a strong typhoon or a mudslide to get your car mirrors dirty. On one hand, dirty side mirrors can be caused by: the dirt from the road that build-up, you forgetting to wipe the water on the mirror, or a puddle that was unintentionally splashed at the mirror. On the other hand, the rear view mirrors can get fogged up by: the air-conditioning system; the moisture of your car; or the air-freshener that evaporated and built-up on the mirror. Fingerprints are also common marks found on both mirrors. Simply put, you cannot avoid a dirty or fogged mirror.

Scratched mirrors

Getting scratched is more of a problem with the side mirrors since they are the ones exposed. The scratches can be caused by a car grinding on yours but we're guessing that we don't have to anything say about it since it's an accident-sue the driver. Scratches can also be caused during the cleaning process; there is a chance that you used a rough cloth or fabric to wipe the mirrors or you were wiping too strongly.

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  • Steps to Keep Your Dodge Durango Mirror in Good Condition

    There are three reasons why you need to keep your Dodge Durango mirror in good condition: one, to be able to check your hair before leaving the car; two, for your safety; and three, to be able to check your hair once more before finally stepping out of the car. For the sake of vanity-and, fine, your safety as well-here are some ways you can keep the mirrors in good condition:

    Retighten the bolts regularly

    Regularly adjusting the bolts on your car's mirror assemblies is a basic way to prolong its service life. If you leave the mirrors hanging, it risks damaging the paint and coating as well as cause bigger problems with the mirrors. Retightening the mirror to the base and the base to the car are recommended to be done at least twice a year to avoid the said problems. It doesn't really take that much of an effort or time, lazy guy, since most mirrors are bolted on by screws.

    Don't let the droplets dry

    After driving in the rain, we advise you to wipe the raindrops immediately. To save you from too extreme scientific mumbo-jumbo, the salt content of rain water causes the streaks or marks on the mirrors. A simple way to avoid this is to wipe the droplets off once you parked the car indoors.

    Don't use newspaper

    Step away from the old newspaper and grab a soft cloth. Car owners often neglect this factor since newspapers appear to do a pretty decent job in removing dirt on the mirror. However, you should know that newspaper-no matter how soaked they may be-risks scratching the surface and even ruining the shine and clarity of the mirror. A soft cloth or cleaning fabric would be the best option for this task.

    Clean the mirrors regularly and gently

    Given that you are using a soft cloth, make sure that you clean the mirrors properly and regularly. Cleaning can be done as often as every three to four months, but it should be done more often if you live in a very dusty region or a desert. Also, wipe it gently; you are not testing your strength here, tough guy.