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Dodge Durango Power Steering Pump

Common Causes of Problems with the Dodge Durango Power Steering Pump

A smooth and comfortable drive in your Dodge Durango would be easy to achieve if all the components in your power steering system are working properly. A malfunctioning power steering pump can greatly affect your ride quality and even lead to accidents if the problems get worse. That's why it's important to make sure that your Dodge Durango power steering pump is at its top condition. Here's a little help in identifying the common causes of problems in your vehicle's power steering pump.

There is a leak between the reservoir and pump.

If you notice leaking in your Dodge Durango power steering system, this could be caused by a broken reservoir. Most power steering reservoirs are made of plastic that tends to get brittle and crack overtime due to the constant heat under the hood. When your vehicle's power steering reservoir breaks, the power steering fluid will leak and this will cause the entire system including the power steering pump a lot of problems. The reservoir's rubber seals and plastic caps also get brittle overtime and cause leakage.

The rubber hoses look worn.

The rubber hoses in your Dodge Durango's power steering pumps get worn due to age. As they get exposed to excess heat overtime, the hoses will lose their ability to contract and this will cause them to get brittle and crack. A sure sign that the hoses are starting to deteriorate inside is when you feel that they are soft and spongy. If you notice that your hoses are already soaked in oil and grease, replace them immediately before they break and cause leaks.

The vehicle experiences road wander, poor recovery, and high steering effort.

Under-inflated tires are the most common cause of high steering effort, poor recovery, and road wandering of many vehicles. Make sure to check your tires at all times to see if they are unbalanced or poorly-mounted. Also watch out for other tire alignment problems such as tire cupping and abnormal wear because these problems may cause the fluid to overheat.

Steering is loose.

Excessively worn components inside your power steering system can cause loose steering. The internal failures that could cause this problem include a faulty rack-and-pinion unit, failing steering gear, air entrapment, and improper fluid levels. These malfunctions prevent the steering shaft from transmitting input to the steering linkage hence a delayed or over reaction in the steering system or play in the steering wheel.

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  • How To Keep Your Dodge Durango Power Steering Pump in Good Condition

    Every Dodge Durango owner knows that this full-size sport utility vehicle is a lot easier and fun to drive if its power steering pump is in great working condition. The power steering pump plays an important role in the power steering system that makes the vehicle's wheels a lot smoother and easier to turn. Even a minor problem in this component can cause the power steering system to stop working properly. That's why it's important to keep your power steering pumps in good condition to avoid more problems.

    • Always keep the drive belt tight.
    • A worn out drive belt in a Dodge Durango's power steering system has the tendency to slip and cause problems in the whole system especially in the power steering pump. If a drive belt slips, it might cause the power steering pump to behave in an inconsistent manner from turn to turn. Aside from messing up the power steering pump, this drive belt problem could also ruin the bearings when too much pressure has been put on the pumps. So if you notice that your drive belt is not in its proper place, do a repair on it immediately before the problem gets worse.
    • Check the power steering fluid at all times.
    • Make it a habit to inspect your Dodge Durango's power steering fluid on a regular basis. The best time to check your power steering fluid is when the engine is cold. Inspect the fluid and look for dirt or sludgy areas. Having dirt in the power steering pump can irritate the system. If you notice dirt on your fluid, you may drain it and replace it with a new one. Adding fresh power steering fluid also helps if the existing fluid isn't as dirty. Since the power steering fluid is the cheapest component in the power steering system, changing it regularly will save you a lot of money and help prolong the life of your power steering pump and the power steering rack.
    • Inspect the hoses for brittleness.
    • The hoses in your Dodge Durango's power steering system have the tendency to get hard and brittle. Since these hoses decay from the inside, it would be hard to tell if they have damages like cracks and holes inside that could cause leakage. Always make sure to check your hoses by squeezing them with your hands to look for any signs of brittleness and hardness. If you notice that the hoses are brittle, replace them immediately to avoid further damages.