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Dodge Durango Window Regulator

How to Tell if Your Dodge Durango Window Regulator is Going Bad

The Dodge Durango window regulator allows you to lower or raise your car windows. It converts the rotational movement of the motor into linear and upright movement that lowers or raises the glass window. And since this is one of the most commonly used car parts, it has a high tendency to get worn out considerably. If not remedied immediately, it can cause further problems to the other components of the window assembly. Here are some of the most common signs you should look out for in a bad window regulator:

Off-track window glass

Since the glass window is attached to the window regulator, the glass will not move up or down if it has slipped off of the regulator. Check if there is excessive play because this is a telltale sign that it has actually slipped from its track.

Slipping window

When you try to close your window and it simply would not stay up, there is certainly something wrong with the Dodge Durango window regulator. The culprit may be slipping window regulator cables or loose pivot points. Window regulators operate with a pulley mechanism, and if any of the cables slip from their place, they will immediately render the regulator useless. Also, the pivot points can wear out and become loose, thereby reducing or completely removing the support to lift the glass window up.

Rust and corrosion

If you find all the electrical components of the window assembly working properly, take off the door panel to check the parts of the window regulator. The joints are prone to rust and corrosion, especially when the door panel is not properly sealed up. Left to themselves long enough, these parts will eventually break.

Broken or twisted cable

The cable in the window regulator assembly might twist or suddenly break for some reason. And when it does, it releases the tension in the pulley or spring mechanism of your Dodge Durango window regulator, making it no longer able to hold the window glass up. Broken cables are definitely hard to fix, but if the cables only got twisted out of place, then that's a problem that is fairly easy to solve. If the cables are broken, however, you might need to get yourself a new window regulator since cables are usually not sold individually.

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  • Simple Tips to Keep the Dodge Durango Window Regulator in Excellent Condition

    Even though the Dodge Durango window regulator is not a part that makes your car run, it is still important because it gives you the convenience to lower or raise your windows with ease. It is found inside the door panel, converting the mechanical energy of the motor into linear energy. Constant use, though, can take its toll on the window regulator and cause problems. But with the following tips, you can rest assured that your window regulator will stay in excellent condition.

    Adjust alignment.

    Through use and time, the alignment of the window regulator can slip. If you are a novice DIY-er, the window regulator may be a bit of a challenge for you. But if you like taking on challenges, take the door panel off to gain access to the window regulator, unscrewing it and releasing all the clips that attach it. Take away all other devices that are on the door panel, such as the speaker. And whatever you do, never drop the window glass. Take off the plastic vapor barrier, roll the window all the way down, and loosen the bolts that hold the clips in place. Afterwards, replace the old clips with new ones and roll the window up and down to verify the alignment. Once done, simply reattach everything in the reverse sequence you took them off.

    Clean and lubricate window regulator.

    For you will not have to deal with a stiff window regulator, which also means having a window that's hard to open or close, make sure you lubricate the regulator. As time goes by, its original lubricant may cake out or dry up. When you gain access to the window regulator assembly, clean all of its parts with carburetor cleaner, a small brush, and a clean rag. Then, lubricate the pivot joints by spraying white grease on them. This will prevent rust and corrosion on any of the parts.

    Seal door panel thoroughly.

    Make sure that the plastic vapor barrier that protects the components inside the door panel seals up really well. Corrosion and rust can easily invade the window regulator if even a small amount of moisture gets in.