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Dodge Grand Caravan Headlight Assembly

Common Culprits behind Dodge Grand Caravan Headlight Assembly Defects

Your Dodge Grand Caravan's headlight assembly is crucial in providing ample lighting, especially when driving your auto at night or in dim-lit areas. Your safety will be compromised if these headlights are not well-maintained or cleaned regularly. Over time, you may find them constantly flickering. Or if worst comes to worst, they may even become dim and completely ineffective. Luckily, detecting a faulty headlight assembly is a walk in the park even for beginners. So, if you have no idea with what's happening to your headlights, today is your lucky day. Listed below are just some of the common problems encountered with a Dodge Grand Caravan headlight assembly and the reasons behind them:

Flickering headlights

Do you find your headlight assembly constantly flickering? If so, you'd better check the bulbs if they are tightly fastened in place. You see, a loose bulb is the most common reason behind a flickering headlight assembly problem. But, if the bulbs are fine upon inspection, then try checking the assembly's wiring. The electrical system may be the culprit, causing the flow of power to be unstable. The flickering may also have been caused by power interruption in the wires.

Cloudy headlights

Cloudy and foggy headlights are a result of weathering. Since the lights are constantly exposed to several damaging elements, be it dirt particles or raindrops, they are more likely to suffer. This is commonly manifested through a cloudy headlight surface. For most of these damaged headlights, you will likely find signs of cracks and scratches. If these defects were not diagnosed at their early stages, then there is a greater risk for cloudy headlights, which is a result of moisture creeping in through the cracks.

Dim headlights

If you have recently replaced the headlight bulbs but found that they give off dim light, then you might probably have a faulty alternator. Dimming lights are more prominently experienced when several electrically powered components are active. Automotive experts suggest that you use a voltmeter to check if the lights are supplied with enough power. Most auto supply stores should supply this diagnostic device. If you find power flow issues upon diagnosis, then you had better replace your battery or alternator.

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  • Trouble-free Tips to Keep a Dodge Grand Caravan Headlight Assembly in Good Shape

    Unlike ordinary house lights, your Dodge Grand Caravan's headlight assembly does not immediately burn out when it exceeds its service life. It usually dims first before its bulbs run out of lighting power. It's a good thing though that there are plenty of ways to prevent premature bulb wear. So, if you want to extend the service life of the headlights, then you had better know how to perform cleaning and maintenance on the parts. Here are some tips and tricks to keep your Dodge Grand Caravan headlight assembly in its optimum condition:

    Know how often you should clean the headlights.

    There is no exact time frame as when the headlights on your auto will expire since the part's service life is dependent on a lot of factors, which may include driving conditions and frequency of maintenance. However, most automotive experts advise that you clean the headlights at least once a month to retain optimum lighting benefits.

    Clean headlights with ordinary white toothpaste.

    A quick fix for dull and scratched headlights can be found inside your home-an ordinary white toothpaste. This cheap alternative, in fact, is proven to be an effective substitute for the more expensive headlight cleaners sold in most automotive shops. To perform the cleaning procedure, simply apply the toothpaste with a soft, dry cloth and rub in circular motions until the grime and dirt particles are taken care of. Once the paste is applied, do not forget to rinse with water before finally wiping the headlights with clean cloth.

    Apply polish to restore luster.

    If your headlights are already a bit yellow and dull, then you may want to apply polish to restore the parts' original luster. Just make sure that the headlights are cleaned and rinsed first before applying the polishing compound.

    Other tips and reminders

    When performing maintenance on your car's headlights, do not forget to wear rubber gloves. You see, oil from your skin may penetrate the bulbs and cause a reaction to the part, which may eventually lead to premature wear. Wearing gloves may also keep polishing compound, grime, or dirt particles off of your fingernails.