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Dodge Intrepid Catalytic Converter

You're always on an advantage if you own a large vehicle. Full-size sedans like the Dodge Intrepid would generally provide you with more interior space as well as a large trunk for your cargos. And to power these heavy vehicles, they are also usually equipped with large and powerful V-type engines.

All advantages, however, has corresponding disadvantages; and for large vehicles with large engines, the disadvantage is the amount of harmful emissions they produce. In the process of burning fuel, large engines tend to produce more unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide as byproducts. These three combustion byproducts are generally harmful to the environment. And to reduce the harmful effects of these byproducts to the environment, the catalytic converter comes in handy.

Catalytic converters are emission-control products designed to reduce the harmful effects of automotive exhaust to the environment. Most modern day vehicles are equipped with three-way catalytic converters. This type of converter has two catalysts: a reduction catalyst that converts nitrogen oxide into pure nitrogen and oxygen, and an oxidation catalyst that turns the hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide and water. These resulting products are generally harmless, although carbon dioxide is still a known contributor to greenhouse effect. Nonetheless, the products of the catalysis are generally less harmful than the original combustion byproducts.

Equipped with high quality parts ever since the vehicle model was introduced in 1993, you can expect that all Dodge Intrepid vehicle models are equipped with very efficient Dodge Intrepid catalytic converters. The clogging and eventual failure of these exhaust purifiers, however, are unavoidable. In any case, one should not worry as there are a lot of high quality replacement Dodge Intrepid catalytic converters available in the market today. Some of these catalytic converters feature high flow designs that do not restrict the flow of the exhaust out of the exhaust system.

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