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Dodge Intrepid Mirror

Stylishness, roominess, good road manners and safenessall these are surefire vehicle characteristics that can instantly attract every vehicle buyer. Coincidentally, most of these characteristics are present in the Dodge Intrepid. All Dodge Intrepid models were gifted with stylish bodies that make them look good. The vehicle's cab-forward design allowed Dodge to stretch the car's body to provide more interior space. And with fine working engine and mechanical parts, the Dodge Intrepid is undoubtedly very capable for daily driving. So what's the characteristic left? Safety!

Many people would think that the Dodge Intrepid is not a very safe vehicle. For the vehicle's final model year, the only safety features offered with it were side-impact airbags and anti-lock brakes, and both are only optional components. But if you look beyond these obvious safety components, you'll appreciate better the dedication that Dodge has given in making the vehicle a lot safer. All Dodge Intrepid vehicles are equipped with various mirrors and vehicle lights that can perform their individual functions well. These, more than any other components, can help you drive safely on the road and avoid accidents.

There are two basic kinds of mirrors that every vehicle must be equipped with, and the Dodge Intrepid lacks none of them. The first basic type is the rearview mirror which is installed between the two A-posts within the passenger compartment. This mirror provides the driver a good view of everything behind the car, helping him avoid any collision while backing. The other is the side mirrors, which are installed on both sides of the vehicle, on the forward or leading edge of the front doors. Like the rearview mirror, the side mirrors also provide you a good view of the road behind, but this time on either side of the car.

With all these basic driving mirrors installed in the Dodge Intrepid, driving in broad daylight can never be safer. The nature of these Dodge Intrepid mirrors, however, makes them prone to a lot of damages caused by road debris, especially in the case of the side mirrors. Luckily, these safety equipments are easily replaceable. Replacement Dodge Intrepid mirrors are widely available in the market today, and many of these mirrors are available in wide-angle designs and with dimming features that further enhances their functionality.

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