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Dodge Intrepid Oil Pan Gasket Set

Tips for Troubleshooting Dodge Intrepid Oil Pan Gasket Set Troubles

"Oil leaks" bring to mind a vivid picture of a dirty, costly, and altogether troublesome auto repair job. Thankfully, your Dodge Intrepid oil pan gasket set is there to save you from the perpetual trouble of oil leaks. Sandwiched between your oil pan and the lower portion of your car's engine, the gasket set prevents oil from leaking onto the ground so that no oil is wasted in your car. Let your oil pan gasket set fail and welcome a myriad of oil-related woes. You wouldn't want that and neither would your Intrepid. So, read on to know some of the common gasket set troubles and the quick fixes to them.

Inexact fit

The materials that make up your Dodge Intrepid oil pan gasket set, such as rubber, paper, and cork, are not immune to wear or damage. Rubber, for instance, tends to shrink as it ages. This may affect the fit of your gasket, eventually resulting in leaks. So once you notice a pool of dark fluid under your vehicle, you might want to check your gasket set. Go under the vehicle and detach the oil pan so that you can have a thorough look at it. You would readily notice if the gasket barely fits the oil pan already. For a quick fix, simply tighten the bolts.

Insufficient torque

Aside from the deteriorating material, insufficient torque can also lead to gasket trouble. And just like what you could well expect from a gasket-related problem, this can also result in oil leaking out of your Intrepid. To spot and fix this trouble early on, get to your oil pan gasket and check the screws. Make sure you tighten them according to the torque specifications indicated in your Intrepid's car manual.

Cracked surface

Similar to other car parts, your Intrepid's gasket set is also vulnerable to damage caused by road debris. Its location exposes it further to debris contact, so expect occasional damage, such as cracking, on your oil pan gasket. Luckily, cracks can be easily fixed by coating the affected surface with a silicon gasket sealer. You can also use an O-ring gasket-type filler.

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  • Maintenance Suggestions for Your Dodge Intrepid Oil Pan Gasket Set

    Want to deal with the costly, dirty, and time-consuming trouble of oil leaks? If you say nay, then there's one group of components you have to keep in its tiptop shape: your Dodge Intrepid oil pan gasket set. To help you accomplish that, below are some simple maintenance suggestions:

    Check your gasket set regularly.

    Just like your other car parts, your oil pan gasket set also requires regular inspection. This would help you detect signs of damage early on, so you can act on them right away. It also saves you from further and far more costly car troubles. Ideally, you should check your Intrepid's oil and fluid assembly every three months or 3,000 miles of travel.

    Clean it periodically.

    You can never go wrong with cleaning. Aside from ridding your oil pan of filth and improving its storage capacity, cleaning can also help you locate possible sources of oil leaks.

    Keep the bolts' torque level.

    To ensure that your oil pan gasket set is securely positioned in between your oil pan and engine, you must also keep the right torque level of the bolts. So don't forget to check them too. Tighten them as needed so that the gasket fits the pan perfectly. For reference, check your owner's manual for the torque specifications of your gasket bolts.

    Seal the cracks.

    It goes without saying that cracks on your gasket are equivalent to nasty oil leaks. That's why you shouldn't miss out on even the tiniest break on your gasket. If you find your gasket positive of some cracks, a silicon-based gasket sealer could be of help. It can patch up basically anything (e.g., a jagged or a bumpy surface), so you can be sure to keep your oil pan gasket leak-free.

    Opt for replacement in case of severe damage.

    In the event of severe damage, choose replacement over quick fixes. Don't insist on driving with a temporarily fixed oil pan gasket set as it may only jeopardize your road safety-and your budget too. A replacement gasket set may cost anywhere from $16 to $62, and the installation will probably take about two or three hours of your time. That's a comparably better choice than the temporary benefits of constant repairs.