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Dodge Intrepid Wheel

Different Dodge vehicles have different ways to attract vehicle buyers. The Dodge Viper would surely attract you with its speed, and the various Dodge trucks would entice you by their power. As for the Dodge Intrepid, the selling point lies on the vehicle's style. Many Dodge Intrepid buyers would indicate the vehicle's style as their number one reason for the purchase and an equal number of Dodge Intrepid owners would consider the style of the car as its best feature.

Stylishness is inherent in the Dodge Intrepid and that is because the car is equipped only with parts that can really make it look very attractive. Among the many stylish parts that Dodge Intrepid models are equipped with are their wheels.

The wheels are the circular disks or rings on which a tire rides. All vehicle wheels are made of metal, usually steel, although most modern vehicles today are equipped with cast aluminum or billet aluminum wheels. Wheels may also come bare, painted, clear-coated, polished or chromed.

All models of the Dodge Intrepid were equipped wheels that are not only capable of making the vehicles perform at their best but also of making the vehicles look really good. The last version of the car, for example, was equipped with large, 16 inches wheels that provided the car with better mileage, better handling and stylish looks.

Aside from the stock or factory Dodge Intrepid wheels that your Dodge Intrepid was equipped with when you bought it from the dealer, there are also a lot of stylish custom and aftermarket wheels that you can use to modify the looks of your car. Chrome wheels with elegant spoke designs, in particular, would make your Dodge Intrepid look more luxurious. Large custom wheels, on the other hand, can make your car look more aggressive while helping improve its performance.

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