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Dodge Ram 1500 Van Catalytic Converter

Danger Signs: A Dodge Ram 1500 Van Catalytic Converter Troubleshooting Guide

If you want an eco-friendly Dodge Ram, then make sure your catalytic converter's doing its job properly. Carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons don't stand a chance against this emissions control weapon, but they will make their way out of your vehicle faster than you can say 'catalytic' once your converter fails. A significant increase in emissions level, a sudden drop in gas mileage, a decrease in engine power, and, of course, a failed emissions test are just some of the problems you have to deal with when your Dodge Ram 1500 Van catalytic converter becomes faulty. A bit of troubleshooting may help you find the root of these problems and possibly even fix some of them. We've listed some of the catcon danger signs below to help you out.

Rattling noise

Any unusual noise coming from the vehicle can be extremely annoying and disturbing. If your catalytic converter's performance seems to be bit off lately, then you'll most likely hear a rattling noise coming from it. This is usually caused by thermal shock or an extreme change in temperature. When a heated converter is exposed to a cooling agent, such as snow, the ceramic substrate inside it cracks and its housing contracts. The damaged converter usually creates an odd rattling noise when it hits another substance. To test your converter for broken ceramic substrate, tap it lightly with a rubber mallet. If you hear a rattling noise with each tap, then it means the substrate is broken and your converter's already damaged beyond repair. Replace it right away to keep harmful emissions at bay.

Acceleration problems

Loss of power and speed is usually one of the most common danger signs of catalytic converter failure. When the catcon overheats or encounters thermal problems, your engine will suffer due to lack of fuel. As a result, you'll experience difficulty accelerating or running the vehicle. To check whether your converter's causing these problems, inspect it for signs of fuel leakage or thermal failure. Immediately replace the faulty converter to restore normal vehicle operation.

  • Caring for Your Dodge Ram 1500 Van Catalytic Converter

    If you don't want your Dodge Ram to become a major air pollutant, you better make sure your catalytic converter is working properly at all times. Aside from passing your annual emissions test and avoiding legal violations, you also get to enjoy better engine performance and reduced exhaust emissions with a well-maintained converter. Practicing routine maintenance is a must to ensure the converter stays in tiptop working condition. By giving proper care and attention to your converter, you'll be able to prolong its life and avoid sky-high repair costs. While stock converters generally last between seven to ten years, you still need to perform regular maintenance and inspection to prevent premature failure. Here are some tips in caring for your Dodge Ram 1500 Van catalytic converter:

    • Replace a faulty oxygen sensor.
    • It's a domino effect. If the oxygen sensor malfunctions, it won't be able to transmit correct information to your engine's computer. Wrong information will result in incorrect air and fuel mixture, and this eventually leads to catalytic converter failure. A too rich or too lean mixture will cause a number of converter problems, including clogging, overheating, and excessive carbon buildup. These problems will deal irreversible damage to your converter, such as melted internal catalyst. Inspect the oxygen sensor regularly for damage and replace it right away to avoid converter problems.
    • Use the right grade fuel.
    • Don't use 93-octane grade fuel if your vehicle requires 89. Using the right grade fuel for your vehicle will help reduce harmful exhaust emissions and allow the catalytic converter to perform better. Always purchase the right grade fuel even if you're working on a tight budget to avoid engine problems. Following this tip will also spare your wallet from expensive repair and replacement costs in the future.
    • Make sure your exhaust system is compatible with your catalytic converter.
    • If you want to upgrade your exhaust system, make sure it will work well with your stock Dodge Ram 1500 Van catalytic converter. Changing or upgrading your factory exhaust system may restrict the exhaust and damage the converter, so always consult your vehicle manufacturer first before making any upgrade.